Increase sales on your e‑commerce with the best internal search engine.

Doofinder has greatly improved the user experience, increasing the number of pages viewed, as well as total time on our website, leading to an increase in sales.

Why sales are increased?

Many customers don't buy on-line because they can't find the products they are looking for.

With Doofinder the sales of your e-commerce will increase because your customers will find everything they need in a fast, accurate way.

Why Doofinder?
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Multiple Platforms

Doofinder works on any kind of web page or platform: e-commerce, corporate webs, blogs, facebook pages…

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Easy Installation

The Doofinder installation process is very fast and easy: will be up and running in only 5 minutes. You don't need any programming skills.

Free Trial Period

30 day FREE trial. Without limits and without obligation. Get your free trial now!

Check out who is using doofinder

Doofinder surprised us because of its ease of use and integration speed. In just 5 minutes we had it working 100%

It is also a powerful and intelligent search engine. It adds value to the user, something really important in an online store like ours, with a huge catalogue of products.

In the months we've been working with Doofinder we've seen how increased the number of items per order, and the number of successful searches carried out by our users.

Pablo Sánchez