Tipps, Tricks und Insights
für Ihren E-Commerce

Steigern Sie Ihre Verkäufe, verdreifachen Sie Ihre Conversion Rate oder
erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren Onlineshop erstellen können.
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Entdecken Sie das E-Book zu erweiterten Shopsuch-Statistiken

Erfahren Sie, wie eine erweiterte Shopsuche für den E-Commerce das Einkaufserlebnis Ihrer Kunden verbessern, Ihre Conversion Rate erhöhen und letztendlich Ihren Umsatz steigern kann.

  • Erhalten Sie Zugang zu branchenspezifischen Statistiken, um die Suchstrategie auf Ihrer Website zu verbessern.
  • Erfahren Sie durch reale Daten sowohl von Kunden als auch von Unternehmen, wie die Suche das Einkaufserlebnis beeinflusst und Ihren Umsatz steigert.


SEO Course for eCommerce

This course will teach you the keys or basic notions on SEO for eCommerce so that your online store becomes a magnet for potential clients.

  • We will address basic SEO information and we will teach you to position the key products and pages of your eCommerce online.
  • Continuous training. We will send you an email with the course contents.


Do you have an eCommerce? You need a Marketing plan now!

With this eBook you will be able to develop a solid and defined strategy for your eCommerce from the beginning, and take it to the top!

  • Essential keys why your eCommerce should have a Marketing plan.
  • 6 basic tips to help you create your own.


Tips to make your eCommerce fashionable

Cutting and sewing class with the best Marketing strategies to boost your sales

  • What are the challenges facing the fashion industry in the online channel?
  • Practical solutions so that you know clearly what options you have to grow your store


Having a cosmetics eCommerce?

In this eBook we give you the top secrets to give your online shop a successful look

  • The real beauty is inside… But you also have to take care of the outside. This implies a good Site Search.
  • So we take a look at the new opportunities and challenges you face to grow your beauty and cosmetics eCommerce and give it a fresh twist!


Managing an electr@nic products eCommerce?

In this eBook we give you some tips to adapt to the present and be just one click close to your clients.

  • Consumer electronics is positioned at the top of sales in the eCommerce world for the next decade.
  • To stay afloat in this saturated environment, it’s not enough to open a website and wait for customers to come. You need to change the chip!


Keys to boost your elite sports eCommerce

Looking for Marketing advice for sports eCommerce? Don’t miss our special guide with the key points to break all sales records with your online strategy

  • Sports eCommerce is still on the top of mind of consumers, thanks to healthy life and the sport trends.
  • To continue being competitive, you must know who to get along in the online world and get the most of the opportunities it offers.


Growth Hacking Course

Learn exactly what Growth Hacking is and how you can apply the principles.

  • Are you frustrated with not being able to grow your business? Or do you want to take your current ecommerce business to the next level?
  • The purpose of this course is to teach you how you can do it using Growth Hackers’ tools, methods and mindsets.


Marketing Guide for your online pharmacy

New regulations and technologies make digital marketing for pharmacies an essential part of your business.

  • Your job is stressful enough, without adding the burden of having to learn digital marketing all by yourself.
  • Our ebook will teach you about Google Analytics, PPC, SEO, Social Media and much more. All in simple language applicable to your pharmacy business.


What can be learned from the 10 largest eCommerce in the world?

The top ten online retailers in the world are very different to each other. But they have one thing in common: they’re all successful!

  • It’s hard to find out exactly what makes these eCommerce giants so successful. That’s why we decided to take a deeper look at them.
  • We’ve put together an in-depth report of what we believe are the 10 crucial lessons that you can learn from today’s top eCommerce sites


How much do you spend per year on SEO, advertising or generating content?

Surely a lot. You just want a lot of potential customers to come to your store.

  • If users land on your e-commerce and they get lost or do not find what they’re looking for in 2 clicks… they give up.
  • That’s why we at Doofinder have created this guide about how to use a search engine to get all those potential customers buying from your online store and not from the competitors.


10 Tricks to triple
the conversion rate on Facebook

How to convert 2,000 million Facebook users into your potential customers? Find out with these 10 tricks!

  • Learn how to create effective Facebook campaigns, from the Pixel installation to the definition of the goals your business needs.
  • Segment and find your potential customers and and maximize your campaigns performance.


9 Secrets to boost your online sales

Don’t think you’re going to create your own store and sales will automatically drop out of the sky…

  • With lots of competition, gaining visibility is not so easy and customers are accustomed to the quality standard that Amazon offers…
  • So, if you want your online store to start winning over customers and boosting your sales… it won’t be a bad thing for you to have a read through the 9 tips we have prepared for you.


Start an online Store
from scratch

Would you like to create an online store but don’t know where to start?

  • If you have not yet decided to open your store: Learn the steps prior to that decision, business plan and implementation.
  • If you have already made the decision to open your online store: Choose the most appropriate CMS platform, design and content, legal requirements, name of your business…
  • Have you already opened your online store? Work on Google positioning, create a content blog and get customers through social networks.