The smart site search that helps you sell more

Add a site search to your eCommerce site in 5 minutes without having to program a thing. Doofinder increases your sales by allowing your customers to search for and find the most relevant results.


and Helps Your Customers

Provide your search engine with the best features and turn it into the perfect tool to sell more and offer an excellent user experience.

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What You Need to Sell More
in Your eCommerce

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Your Sales
by 20%

Increase the conversion rate of your online store. Doofinder is the advanced site search you need to sell more on your ecommerce website.

Easy to Install –
No Coding

Installation is quick and easy. You don’t even need to know how to code. And if you’d like any help, our team is always happy to be of service.

Try It on Your
Website for Free
for 30 Days

No upfront payments or obligations. Try Doofinder for a month, then decide if you want to continue using it. We think you’re going to love it!

More Than 10,000 Websites Are
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Neil Patel recommends Doofinder 

  • One of the Top 10 marketing professionals by Forbes
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“The solution we use is called Doofinder”

A site search based on artificial intelligence,

no code!

You don’t need to know how to program in order to install Doofinder or configure its search results.

Because we
all make

Doofinder handles typos and synonyms while supporting over 30 languages.

A site search
that learns…
how to sell more!

Our smart technology is predictive, dynamic, fast, and intuitive. It also learns from the behavior of your online customers.

Our site search works for any ecommerce platform out there.

Choose the platform you are using or learn more
about how to integrate Doofinder if your website is custom made.

Success stories:

Don’t just take it from us 😉

“Category pages that help you convert more”

Category Navigation provides your store with a smooth and almost instant visibility to your online product catalog.


“Our catalogue is 100% managed in real time”

Doofinder provides a complete and instantly-updated search experience.


“Our search bar’s conversion rate is about 20%”

They have increased their conversion rate and decreased the bounce rate of their online store with Doofinder.


“The UX of our eCommerce has been boosted”

Its functionalities have helped us to create an environment that invites users to discover and interact with the products.


“Our site search learns from each customer”

Thanks to AI, they offer an improved and unique customer journey which adapts to the individual preferences of each user.



Clara Sbraccia

Online Project Manager
Fashion Eyewear

“Installing Doofinder has made a huge difference to our search results and the way customers find our products.”

Peter Issa

Ecommerce Manager
Bargain Hardware

“The stats of our stock search versus Doofinder in comparable months are great. Our transactions from search have increased by 391%”

Mauri Badia


“The great advantage of Doofinder is that it does what it says it does. It allows you to search for products in a simple and effective way.”