[TUTORIAL] How to create an e-commerce editorial calendar that will boost your visits and subscribers

You have an e-commerce shop, you post regularly to your blog, but you don’t have an editorial calendar. And of course you know you should have one, but there’s always a reason to put it off, isn’t there? Big mistake! Remember… Creating a post schedule for your blog helps you get more traffic, subscriptions, and sales. Don’t believe that a calendar can offer all that? Read this post and then tell us about it (and you can thank us in a few months). 😉

How to get more traffic, conversions, and a better brand image thanks to influencer marketing

Surely you’ve wondered how working with a famous YouTuber or Instagrammer could affect your online shop. You’ve already seen plenty of ads that they appear in and you keep hearing (good things) about working with them. And the same idea keeps coming back to your mind: “If any of them recommended my products, my e-commerce would go through the roof.” But is that really true? Can an influencer really increase your business’ sales that much? In today’s post we answer those two questions and explain the first steps to take if you want to start an influencer marketing strategy. All the pros and the cons of working with an influencer – no censorship. Ready? Here we go. ;)