[Marketing on Facebook] 7 keys to getting more followers (and customers) for your e-commerce

If you only associate marketing on Facebook with posting ads, you’re plainly wrong. Facebook Ads are certainly very effective tools for attracting traffic to your e-commerce. But that’s just one of the many possibilities this site offers you in terms of increasing visitors (and, in turn, sales) in your e-commerce. Pay close attention because today’s article is going to cover how to get more Facebook followers that can one day turn into clients (and help your e-commerce be more profitable). Here we go!

[Product Bundling] How to group your e-commerce products to increase sales

Would you like to increase your average checkout price? I bet you would! Who wouldn’t like their customers to buy 3 or 4 additional products each time they make place order. Well, that’s easier to achieve than you may think. This post is about product bundling, which is a way of selling packs of different items that will help you boost your earnings. Don’t worry about the strange word – we guarantee it’s much easier than you think. ;) Here we go!