Sales promotions: Discover the most popular techniques and the main objectives behind them

Are you the type who can only think of a discount when you hear the word “promotion”? Well, then you may be missing out on a ton of opportunities without even knowing it! ;) As you’ll see, there are many different types of sales promotions that you can use in your e-commerce shop and each of them has a specific goal. And, most importantly… You’ll be able to design a more effective sales strategy once you grasp these differences. Here come a few ideas, so get ready to take good notes!

Increase your ecommerce conversion with site search

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in SEMrush’s webinar on how to increase ecommerce conversion thanks to internal searches. Here is a summary of the presentation from Llorenç Palomas, CMO of Doofinder, in case you could not attend. We want to take this opportunity to thank SEMrush for their invitation, it is a pleasure to collaborate with you! 😀