7 Strategies to sell on Instagram with your online store and generate more engagement

Do you have an online store and are you planning to start selling on Instagram? Do not you know if it will be worth it or in the end it will be a waste of time?

Each social network has its peculiarities and the queen of the photographs was not going to be less.

So in this post we explain what are its advantages and disadvantages and how you can use it to increase the sales of your online store.

Do the photographs sell?

Now let’s find out.

Why should you sell on Instagram? Advantages and disadvantages

As we said at the beginning, each social network has its peculiarities. That’s why, before you start working with Instagram, you have to assess whether this is the best channel to achieve your goals or if there are better ones.

But let’s start with the positive side.

NÂș1: overwhelming growth

It is a social network that is having incredible growth. At the moment it counts on the double of users that it had only 2 years ago. To give you an idea of its size we will tell you that it has already crossed the barrier of 500 million registered people.

Only by this point is a social network to be taken into account.

NÂș2: the one that most engagement is going to give your brand

Having followers to have them is of no use. If you want the repercussion of your store to grow, you need people to really interact with your content.

If you compare the engagement rates of different social networks, you will see that the instagramers are much more committed to the brands than those of Twitter or Facebook.

This will make it much easier for you to grow your community.

NÂȘ3: humanizes the brand

Through the photos and videos you can show your work or your products in a more relaxed way.

You must think that consumers empathize more with the brands that they see more real.

What kind of photos can you take? We give you ideas:

  • Your offices or the surroundings.
  • A video of how you package the product.
  • The tools you use to work.
  • The team members.
  • Etc.

Give free rein to your most creative side, you will see how your audience thanks you.

And now, yes, we are going with the less beautiful side of this social network. Let’s see what you have to keep in mind.

NÂș1: very limited pc version

It is true that it is an application that is based on that you upload photos with your mobile, but it misses having more room for maneuver in the desktop version.

NÂș2: may not be safe

All data you provide to Instagram will be on the Internet. If your servers were attacked by hackers, your information would run the risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Therefore, it is recommended that you enable two-step authentication.

NÂș3: There is no way to sort photos

When the user arrives at your profile he has to see all the photos at once. It would be more practical and would improve the user experience to be able to group them thematically.

NÂș4: very limited to derive traffic to the web

Maybe this is the worst of them all. Instagram only allows you to include a functional link (that of biography).

That greatly limits the chances of the person visiting your store.

7 tips to sell by Instagram

Have you decided to use Instagram to sell your products? Well then get ready because now we tell you 7 tricks to squeeze the maximum potential of this social network.

1. Show your product in action

We all know how to take photos of our products, but as we explained in this post, it is not worth taking photos in any way.

If you want your product to stand out over the rest of the competition, take photos while you’re using it.

Do a test. Search Google images of running shoes.

Do not you go more eyes to the photos where people appear running or tying their shoes?

In addition to being more striking photos, we are attracted to see the article in a real context.

2. Tell a story with your articles

This point is a variant of the previous one. In addition to showing photos in which you see the article “working”, you can make what surrounds you tell a story.

For example, imagine that you are selling clothes by Instagram. Let’s take the concrete case that you have a T-shirt shop.

In most shops, you will see the model with the garment on a white background.

But, what if instead the model appeared on the beach with friends making a bonfire?

If your buyer persona fits that age and values ​​the friendship a lot, that photo will impact you more because it shows an idyllic situation for he.

With that kind of photos you will establish an emotional bond with the person and you will have more options to retain it.

3. Use the hashtag

The hashtags are words that we accompany with a pad (#) to tag the photo that we are uploading.

What is this for?

So that people can find your content easier (which will lead to greater followers and therefore future customers).

We give you several rules to use correctly:

  • Investigate which ones the competition uses. This way you will have more options to reach your target audience.
  • Do not put more than 5 or 10 hashtags. It’s ridiculous to see 2 or 3 lines of comments and then a whole paragraph of labels.
  • Put the ones that interest you most (for example, those of your brand) in your first message. The hashtags that you place in the 2nd will be hidden as soon as you leave a comment.

You can also use tools that tell you which are the most popular hashtags in your subject. For example, Display Puposes.

4. Facilitates the purchase to the maximum

One of the handicaps that Instagram has is that you can only incorporate a link to your website. And of course, this makes it very difficult for the user to access the product quickly.

We give you several tools so you can solve this.

  • Like2Buy: This application allows you to create a special landing page with all your products that you will access from the bio link. From there, they will be able to buy everything they want. Brands like Victoria’s Secret use this app.
  • Liketoknowit: ideal for bloggers who want to sell clothes by Instagram. If you register in this app, only with the user (also has to be registered) give a “like” to that photo will receive an email to buy the item.
  • Soldsie: another very interesting tool to sell products on Instagram. With this app, the user only has to leave the word sold and his email in a comment. After this they will receive a message so that they can finish the purchase.

The easier it is to put the transaction to customers much better. Each click that they have to give of more is an option so that they leave.

5. Make competitions and promotions

This is one of the best ways to give visibility to your brand on Instagram and improve the level of customer commitment.

The steps to create a good contest or promotion are as follows:

  1. Create a unique and simple hashtgag that identifies your brand.
  2. Make it clear what the prize is.
  3. Explain the rules. For example, it is customary to ask your followers to upload photos of the product tagged with the hashtgag that you have created.
  4. Once you have a winner, make a publication congratulating him and mentioning his user.

The competitions everyone likes, take advantage of his pull to gain popularity.

Do you also have a fan page? Then, read this post on how to make contests on Facebook.

6. If you have a physical store, geolocate your photos in it.

If you have a physical online store you have to make it clear. Think that many people still have problems buying online, so it will be easier to decide if they can see the product.

When you upload the photo, you only have to add the location. Remember that also work very well the photos in which you show your place or where you work.

7. Use photos of your products made by your followers

The Internet has changed the rules of the game in terms of selling. The information now flows smoothly over the network.

However, consumer 3.0 has included a new factor in deciding whether to buy or not: the opinions of the rest of the users.

Seeing what has been the experience of other users, can transmit the necessary confidence or have you completely discard the purchase. That is why many e-commerce now use a system of comments and scoring by stars.

Encourage your customers to upload photos of your products with discounts or special promotions. Another good strategy is to incorporate these photos of your customers into the product cards themselves. Thus the feeling of “social proof” will be emphasized.

Are you ready to start selling on Instagram?

As you have seen, using Instagram to sell your products may be interesting despite the disadvantages of the platform.

And that is not to say that it is a social network that is growing like foam and that allows you to approach users in a different way.

Do not waste the power of the photographs and start selling by Instagram!