Access your subscription data from the Doofinder Control Panel

We have talked about a lot of features in the blog regarding the configuration and customization of the Doofinder Search, such as custom sortingsynonyms or the mobile version that help you sell more and manage your product catalogue. 
But there are other topics, maybe not so exciting for your online store, that make your day to day easier.
Today we explain how you can access your invoices, modify your customer data, change plans or purchase a pack directly from your Doofinder Control Panel.
Let us begin!
The first thing to do is access your Doofinder Control Panel with your email and user password, something you can do by clicking here.
* If you do not remember your login details, clicking on “forgot password” will allow you to recover them.

Once inside the panel, clicking on your email will give you the Account option. Within this there are different tabs that we will look at below:

1. Account Overview

This tab provides a summary of the data that you can find in the other windows. Thus, you can quickly see the plan you have contracted (volume of requests), the date on which the next payment will occur and the number of requests consumed to date in relation to the total number in your plan.

2. Billing Information

Within Billing Information you can see the payment details entered during the subscription process. These are:

  • Contact name
  • Name of company
  • Billing Address
  • Payment method

This data will appear on the invoices that you receive so it is very important that you keep them as up to date as possible. For example, if you change your VAT NUMBER, it is also important to enter the new name of the company, if not, the invoice you receive will not reflect it.
To modify this data you only have to access Edit Billing Informationmodify them and click Save.

3. Edit Payment Method

Now you can change your payment method to the one that best suits your needs, by yourself: you can choose between direct debit (available for SEPA countries), credit card or Paypal.

4. Payment History

If you need to check the invoices issued to your company to date, in Payment History you will find a list of all the invoices ordered from the most recent to the oldest, as well as the amount and status of the invoice. You can download them in PDF format.



There comes a particular time of the year like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas … As you know, with Doofinder you can always buy a pack when you have exceeded or think you are going to exceed the request limit. Go to the tab Packs and hire what you need, and remember, it is something temporary, so it is not necessary to make an upgrade plan if you do not need.
Also in this tab you can check the packs previously contracted and if there are still available or if on the contrary the contracted pack has consumed completely.

6.- Plans

Finally, in Plans you can see, as shown in the Prices section of the Doofinder website, the plans that we offer so you can see which one best fits with your business needs.
In addition, from here you can easily change your plan, add the mobile version or subscribe to the monthly payment.
* If your form of payment is by transfer or direct debit you must contact us directly so that we can manage your subscription.
 If your account depends on one of our resellers, you must contact them for this management.
We hope this article helps you to make the most of your control panel in your administrative area.