We’ve redesigned our administrator! More user friendly, more interactive, and even better for getting the most out of your search engine

So, as you’ll see, we have a brand-new design! It’s taken our design, product and programming team three weeks of hard work, and we’re now ready to launch our new control panel

So, what now?

Don’t worry, the new design is very intuitive. You’ll be able to manage your Doofinder account more flexibly, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience of configuring your search engine😉 

So, let’s take a quick look at how the options are organized in the new menu, and what you can do with each one of them. 

We’ll start by helping you to familiarize yourself with the way it’s structured

Then we’ll tell you all about the different sections of the manager so that you’ll understand everything much better at a glance.

👉 Page header

Well, of course this is what you see in the top bar (next to our logo) as soon as you log in to your account. 

Here you can: 

  • Select the search engine you want to configure
  • Access your account details
  • Consult our support section 
  • Log in directly to your profile

👉 Side menu

From here you’ll be able to access the main functionalities of the control panel, and you’ll find tools that will help you improve your search engine performance, plus access to your Doofinder settings. 

✅  1. Search engine options

Let’s go back to the beginning. You log in to your new Control Panel, and once you’ve selected the search engine you’ve already configured, these options will allow you to get an overview of how it works for your eCommerce, and also to help you to work on the details so that you can keep on improving.

Let’s take a brief look at each one, so that you’ll always have a guide to hand:

  • ‘Stats’ – Here you’ll have all the most relevant statistics related to the searches your customers do at a glance. And that’s not all – you’ll also be able to identify the sales opportunities you’re missing. So as you can see, we have everything covered!
  • ‘Playground’ – In this section you can simulate your customers’ search behavior and evaluate your search engine results, as well as test the effect of your business rules settings. 
  • ‘Boosting’ – You will be able to ‘boost’ the products you are interested in the simplest way, making them more relevant to your customers’ search queries. 
  • ‘Custom results’ – One of the most useful tools, as it allows you to set the options that will appear when your customers search for something that isn’t available. Basically, you can “customize” it with whatever interests you most 🙂 
  • ‘Banners’ – Here you can highlight promotional campaigns by displaying banners in the search results. 
  • ‘Redirections’ – Depending on the search, you’ll be able to direct your web users to pages that are of interest to them. As an example, if someone searches for ‘shipping terms’, we can take them straight to the page where they’ll find the shipping terms and your eCommerce costs.
  • ‘Synonyms’ – To identify words that essentially mean the same, in this way broadening the search knowledge base, and making life easier for your customers. For example, if a customer is looking for ‘fridges’, you can direct them to ‘refrigerators’. 
  • ‘Index’ – This is the place where you can directly index your product catalog through two data feed options: Google Shopping or our API.
  • ‘Search layers’ – From here you get the script needed for Doofinder to work on your website and, CAREFUL! Also add SS rules to customize the layer design, choosing the one that best suits your style. 
  • ‘Settings’ – The place where you can configure all the general parameters of the application (security, sorting options and search filters).

✅  2. Options for the ‘account’ section

In the Account section you’ll be able to manage everything related to your subscription. 

  • ‘Overview’ – Your main account data at a glance. 
  • ‘Use’ – Here you can view your usage / account requests. 
  • ‘Plan’ – Here you can see your current plan, with the option to change or extend it by adding new features.
  • ‘Billing information’ – Well, exactly that, information about your bill.
  • ‘Payments & Invoices’ – Download your invoices and manage your payment methods.  

But that’s not all – a bit further down you have the ‘user’ menu, where you can also manage things like: 

  • ‘Profile’ – In case you need to change your account login email.
  • ‘API tokens’ – yes, just like the last one you received on the new features of this design 😉
  • ‘Team members’ – Add additional team members to you Doofinder account. Very useful for the marketing, purchasing or billing teams.

Well, so here you have our brief review, not at all bad, is it? 

As you can see, at a glance you have the entire panel summarized in two areas at a glance, with all its sections at hand, so that day-to-day management is as simple as possible. 
And best of all, we’ve summarized it in a brilliant video with all the details, so that you can take a look and take notes whenever you need to.  😉

And of course we’re going to end with something important: our support team. Whatever happens, they’ll always be there to help with whatever it is that you need, to help you take your eCommerce business to the next level!