Increase online sales thanks to the synonyms feature 

In any online store, synonym management in the internal search engine is one of the most important customizations that is done by introducing specific information for each language. Synonyms allow you to tailor the search results without having to make significant changes to the data feed.
According to a study published by the Baymard Institute, 70% of search engines fail their synonym searches, demanding users to search for the precise product name.
Are you using the powerful synonym feature you have in your online store’s search engine with Doofinder? This post from our Doofinder Academy will teach you what synonyms are for and how to include them in your online store’s search engine.

What is your ecommerce search engine’s synonym feature for?

The goal of the synonym feature of your online store’s search engine is to create equivalences between different search terms. In such a way that words or groups of words are linked to each other as synonyms, and will return the same results.
It is important to analyze your client’s search terms before using the search engine’s synonym feature. After investing a reasonable amount of time analyzing your users’ searches, you can view their Statistics (Top Searches) in your settings area. Then you will be all set to make the most of the synonym feature of your online store’s search engine.
Imagine that your store sells “garbage bags”, but it so happens that your customers search for “waste sacks”. Thanks to the synonym feature in your search engine the searches for “garbage bags” and”waste sacks” will show the user the same results.
Another common example is that users search for “sleeve” using the term “case”. By linking both words as synonyms, the same search result will appear. If only a few users search for the term slippers instead of ballerinas, the synonym isn’t as useful.
Not rushing into this does not imply that synonyms are unimportant, but it is convenient to invest time to analyze real searches.

How can you insert simple synonyms in your online store?

In your Doofinder account you’ll find the two Search Engines you’re using. If you have more than one, pick the one you want to work on.
Once you are inside the Search Engine you have chosen, search and click on the Synonyms tab.
Synonyms are inserted through synonym lines. Each line contains the terms that Doofinder has considered as synonyms. Of course, you may create as many lines as you wish and delete those that you find unnecessary in the future.
We have observed that many users use case and sleeve indistinctly. Therefore, we should create a synonym line with the words case and sleeve within the same line, separated by a comma and a space.
This feature can also be used to prevent the user’s spelling errors in the search engine.

For example, if the user is searching for an iPhone, it is possible that they spell it incorrectly. To solve this, you can create a line of synonyms in which you include the correct word (iPhone) and the most common spelling errors when searching for this phone in your online shop. The order in which you enter the words is irrelevant, for example: “ipone”, “ifone”, “iphon”.

Because of how Doofinder searches, it is possible that many of these errors have already been solved and you won’t have to do anything. If you discover any of these unsolved errors, your search engine’s synonym feature will solve it.

Once more, as a recommendation, we insist that you wait before analyzing your clients’ search terms and creating synonym lines, since it doesn’t make sense to enter a list of synonyms that nobody uses, and this could throw unexpected results when searching.

You can think of spelling errors, syntax errors, punctuation errors, synonyms, slang that your users may be entering in your search engine and you’ll never manage to guess them all. User searches will never cease to amaze you. It is important to correct what is relevant and this will be what appears in the Top Searches.

This is why analyzing your users’ search terms will help you create  relevant synonyms, slowly but surely.

Remember that you can also use the Custom results feature, which will allow you to create predefined result lists for specific terms.

Your online store’s search engine is very important. If you don’t want erroneous search results that make your clients waste time, you have to make an effort to improve them. It doesn’t require much time, and synonyms will help you stand out against your competition.

For further information on the synonym feature, you can read all our support information here.
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