All effort has its regards: La Poule à Pois

Very close to Rennes, in French Brittany is where La Poule à Pois is located, a store dedicated to the sale of toys for children between 0 and 12 years.

Thanks to its spirit of improvement and their dedication to putting the customer at the centre of their business, this toy store has been growing and increasing the number of consumers who trust in it when choosing the best gifts that excite the youngest.

Do you want to know more about their beginnings and their experience in the world of e-commerce? In this interview they tell you everything.

1.- How did you come up with the idea to create La Poule à Pois?

La Poule à Pois above all is a shop of proximity in a small old town and with the Brittany character of France. The decision to open the online store arose for different reasons: the desire to give visibility to all our catalogue of games and toys for our most loyal customers and highlight the rest of our selection of the best games and toys.

2.- What reasons led you to start online trading?

The reasons come from the games and toys we select through our “hunches”, our desire, playful experiences and the demands of our customers… This selection La Poule à Pois together with the special attention given to each customer (personalized handwritten messages for each order, loyalty gifts…) favours the unique experience on the web.

3.- What sets you apart from other businesses in your industry?

What sets us apart is as simple as the long-term, lasting relationship with our physical store clientele.

4.- Now that Christmas is coming, what elements do you think cannot be missing in a store like yours to get more customers and keep them loyal? (Faster shipments, discounts, 2 for 1 offers…).

Throughout the year, and particularly for the Christmas celebrations, we create different, fun and original Marketing operations, which we believe will have a positive impact on our customers (free surprise gifts, lot sweepstakes …). We hope that, in this way, we can gain more loyalty from our customers than with discounts or free shipping costs, which for us has a significant value. We give our best every day and for every order, which is sent either the same or the next day.

5.- You are Doofinder customers, what lead you to take the step to start using our tool? What do you think the advantages Doofinder brings to your business are?

In addition to the selection and quality of service, the technical part is very important: the ergonomics of the website, the tools available to our customers to find a game or a toy when they search. Doofinder helps us a lot because it facilitates the search of our clients thanks to a dynamic approach of the products, 100% effective. For the past 2 years, Doofinder has become indispensable for us and our customers.

6.- What advice would you give to someone who wanted to take on the world of eCommerce?

My advice for future entrepreneurs who want to have an online store are: have confidence, integrate indispensable tools and above all and especially to put the customer at the centre of your business.

7.- And finally, what does the close future hold for La Poule à Pois?

Our selection of games and toys increases every day, new suppliers join us every month, our team is expanding and, as always, putting the client at the centre of this playful relationship.


Once again we see how hard work and perseverance are fundamental for a business to succeed. Thank you La Poule à Pois for letting us be part of your success!