How to sell in times of crisis: Strategies to keep revenue up in your e-commerce shop

Let’s start off with some statistics that you’ll surely be able to relate to. First of all, take a look at this U.S survey COVID - 19: Implications for business, on how every industry is adapting to life during a pandemic. Now, you’re probably crunching the numbers right this very moment and thinking about how to cut expenses to better adjust to the current situation. But are you also thinking about ways to keep selling?

[Website Navigability Guide] How to get your customers to move around your online shop without thinking (so they buy more)

I bet this has happened to you.  You’re in a big store (like a supermarket, for example) and: You can’t see any signs to guide you, so you end up walking up and down every single aisle before you find what you’re after. Products are sorted carelessly.  The staff doesn’t know which products are or aren’t in stock. Truly chaotic.