Doofinder wins the Best Digital Product Award

Yes!! We have been recognised as The Best Digital Product of 2018. We know that we have a great search technology, and since 2011 when we started this adventure we have been working hard to get better and better, and it still continues, always moving and motivated with one goal, which is none other than to help ecommerce businesses increase their sales.

Doofinder the best tool for your ecommerce

Gone are the days when Doofinder was “just a search engine”. Today, in addition to being a great search engine, which returns a perfect match between customer’s searches and what they find in your online store, Doofinder is also a very powerful marketing tool. In the control panel of your account you can see for example:

  • Most searched terms and words (Top Searches)
  • What your client is looking for, has not find and solve it…(No results and Top Opportunities)

But in addition, we have already implemented functionalities such as:

New: the personalised search (Doofinder AI)

We have started 2019 with a great novelty, an Artificial Intelligence module that personalises the search based on the behaviour pattern of your customers, showing the products in a personalised way depending on their purchasing habit.
There are already many customers who rely on Doofinder and you have entrusted us with the search engine of your online stores, and we will live up to your trust. Every day we work for you, to continue offering the best tool for your business, so that each visit to your store leaves with the absolute certainty that users have found what they are looking for, and that undoubtedly translates into conversions.
The motto that moves us is “The customer is the centre”, and that’s why each and every one of you are an important part of having achieved this award. We are very grateful to you, and we are convinced that with our effort and dedication and with your confidence we will continue improving Doofinder so that it continues being of great utility to you.
During the gala presentation of these Awards, organised by Product Hackers, we could see the amount of talent in the digital world, and we assure you that the future of ecommerce is in very good hands.