The 10 best posts on e-commerce that you have to read

How many posts a day do you read looking for new promotional strategies for your online shop? 10, 20, 50; maybe 100… However, most of the time it is not about quantity, but quality. Once upon a time we showed you a compilation of the best blogs about e-commerce , and today we want to give you another one listing the 10 best articles about e-commerce. A selection of the most exquisite information around containing several of the best secrets from the online shops world. 

1. How to sell on the Internet with an online shop

This article (in Spanish) was written by Miguel Florido, responsible for the Marketing and Web blog. In this guide he explains the 30 most important factors for your e-commerce to start selling from the first day. It is a general list of do’s and don’ts about everything you need to check so that your shop runs perfectly. Read “Cómo vender por Internet con una tienda online”

2. My online shop doesn’t sell: 7 possible culprits

Franck Scipion is the CEO of Lifestyle al Cuadrado and is one of the most followed entrepreneurship bloggers within the Spanish-speaking community. This post (in Spanish) is a great complement to the previous one because it shows a more precise analysis about what may be happening to your online shop if you are not making sales. Read “Mi tienda online no vende: 7 posibles culpables”

3. Absolute value: 5 common beliefs that marketers should rethink

This article is in English and was written in the Bazaar Voice blog. We think it is really interesting since it refutes some “absolute truths” about marketing for e-commerce. Read “Absolute value: 5 common beliefs that marketers should rethink”

4. 5 keys to describing products + 3 real examples

Rosa Morel is a copywriter and tells us how to sell with words in her blog. In this article (in Spanish) she explains how to write a product card . Do not forget that a card’s copywriting can be the trigger that leads a client to clicking the button . Read “5 claves para describir productos + 3 ejemplos reales”

5. Mobile E-commerce Copywriting: How to be a welcome addition to your visitors’ mobile experiences

Joanna Wiebe is another copywriter and one of the people in charge of the CopyHackers blog. We have selected this article because it deals with a very important topic that is very much on the rise right now: selling through your phone. Had you ever thought about how to write for such a small screen? Read “Mobile Ecommerce Copywriting: How to be a welcome addition to your visitors’ mobile experiences”

6. E-commerce SEO: the definitive guide

Brian Dean is the author of the blog Backlinko and a real SEO pro. This article is a macro-guide about how to deal with your e-commerce SEO . If you can’t understand it in English, you can always read our own guide . Read “Ecommerce SEO: the definitive guide”

7. SEO for E-commerce – analysis of a shoes website

From one pro to another. Dean Romero is one of the most important SEO and blogging experts in the Spanish-speaking world. This article is the perfect supplement to Brian Dean’s article since it is the SEO analysis of a real and up-and-running e-commerce. Read “SEO para E-commerce: análisis de una web de zapatos”

8. The Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for First Year Stores

This article is a guest post written by Giles Thomas from AcquireConvert (the blog’s author is Richard Lazazzera). We have chosen this article because it deals with something you should be obsessed with: how to improve your conversion rates. It doesn’t matter how many visits you get if you don’t make sales. Read “The Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for First Year Stores”

9. E-commerce legal: complete tutorial

Marina Brocca is a legal expert regarding marketing for bloggers and e-commerce. In this guide you will find everything you need to know to make sure that your shop complies with all of the necessary obligations. And as a bonus, you’ll also avoid a fine that could be upwards of €600,000.

10. WooCommerce, the benefits of creating your online shop with WordPress

This article is a guest post by Antonio Cantero for the designer Arturio García’s blog. You will love this guide about how to set up the WooCommerce plugin when creating an online shop with Wordpress.

Read “WooCommerce, las ventajas de montar tu tienda online con WordPress”

And for you, which post would be number 11?

Which is your favourite Doofinder post? Which post about e-commerce or online shops have you recently read that should be listed here? Would you prefer for us to cover any specific topic? Tell us what you think and help us improve our contents so that they can be listed here in the future 🙂