The 12 best PrestaShop templates + how to find the right one for you (2024 update)

You need a template for your online store.

So you hit the net, check the options, and suddenly realize that there are thousands of them.

Which raises the question: which one should you get?

Obviously, the template you choose won’t only determine how good your e‑commerce looks; it will also affect its structure, user experience, and SEO, among many others.

That’s why this post is more than just a list of the best PrestaShop templates (which is subjective). We’re also going to establish some basic criteria to help you make your choice.

So grab a pen and a piece of paper because we’re about to get started. 😉

👉 Criteria for choosing the best PrestaShop template + some tips

PrestaShop is one of the most popular e‑commerce CMS out there.

One of its main advantages is the intuitive and user-friendly interface. That said, while it has plenty of default options, we recommend purchasing a premium (paid) template.


Well, having a wider range of customization options to choose from will help you stand out from your competitors and your store will look more professional overall.

But the difficult choice is which one to buy.

To help you out, we’ll spell out a few factors you should take into account (beyond just improved appearance):

  • Load speed: Nobody likes to wait, so if your website takes too long to load, you’ll lose potential shoppers. Plus, Google takes this into account for positioning. You can measure it using tools such as GTMetrix or Pingdom.
  • Responsive design: A significant percentage of purchases are made on mobile devices. Check if your template’s design is suited for cellphones and other devices, such as tablets.
  • Updated template: Make sure that the developer updates it regularly. PrestaShop changes, so templates must change as well if they’re to avoid errors. The description on the screen shows when it was last updated.
  • PrestaShop version:6.x themes don’t work in 1.7.x and vice versa. Take the version you’re using into account to be sure your template is compatible.
  • Reviews: Check the rating and comments to be sure you’re getting a proven and reliable design.
  • Optimized for SEO: Pay close attention to whether the template favors web positioning or not. Not all templates have SEO-optimized source code, which could lead to lots of headaches down the line.

If the template meets all these criteria, it could be a strong candidate for your website.

But it doesn’t end there.

✅ The litmus test to choose the best template (for you)

Testing the demo will show you if the template is the right one for your business.

When you’re testing the template, you should check the site’s structure as well as the general appearance.

Bear in mind that the template will always have its limitations, no matter how customizable it is, so you should give the demo a thorough walkthrough to make sure there are no loose ends.

And for this, you should:

  • Make a mock purchase to view the cart, checkout, and payment pages.
  • Think about your intended web structure. Then take a look around different sections and make sure the chosen template will allow for smooth navigation (since that enhances the user experience).

It’s crucial that your website be intuitive to make it easy for users to find all the products since that leads right to the purchasing process.

Need a hand with that?

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👉 The 12 best PrestaShop Themes

If you’ve understood the basic requirements but want advice on specific templates, you can get started with this list, which we’ve created just for you.

We’ve selected the most-sold and best-rated themes from some of the best PrestaShop template developers. And, of course, they all meet the requirements mentioned above.


Here we go. 😉

✅ 1. Warehouse


Warehouse is one of the most widely recognizable and recommended templates on the net. It adapts easily to every type e‑commerce, regardless of the sector.

It has 18 demos (different versions of what the template would look like). This will help you clearly visualize your website’s appearance no matter what you have in mind.

Besides, it’s easy to customize because it is powered by a drag‑and‑drop system, so you easily move the different elements around to place them exactly where you want them.

It activates a zoom effect when you hover the mouse over the pictures (so clients can see the products in detail) and it’s compatible with almost every PrestaShop module.

What users most value is its neat and elegant appearance as well as how easy it is to make changes to the design.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 2. Alysum


This template is perfect for fashion shops opting for a minimalist design.

You can choose from 9 different versions of the homepage without compromising the overall esthetic.

One of its best features is the option to change the color of pretty much any of the elements on the template to make it fit your style.

It also features some extras, such as email templates, a “coming soon” page, a countdown (to make the most of scarcity) and a product comparison module.

Users also point out the speed and efficiency of the support team behind this template.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 3. Megashop


Ideal for every kind of e‑commerce, Megashop has a highly customizable design.

While keeping the same neat and minimalist look of the previous themes, Megashop adds a colorful touch you can modify.

This template allows you to add a blog to your e‑commerce, which, as you know, is crucial when it comes to positioning on Google (and to attract more qualified traffic). If you still haven’t implemented a content strategy, here’s an in-depth guide with all you need to know on the topic.

Reviews highlight how easy it is to install, how fast it loads, and how intuitive it is.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 4. Optima


Let’s keep it going with these one-size-fits-all templates.

Optima features over 96 homepage designs so you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your brand image.

This theme includes a wide variety of premium plugins as well as the possibility of changing your website’s header.

It’s a highly versatile and easy-to-use template with a cheerful and colorful design.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 5. Movic Fashion Store


As the name suggests, this theme is specially designed for fashion stores, though it can be adjusted to any kind of e‑commerce without much strain.

You can choose from 3 homepage templates and make use of their multiproduct website design.

Not only is it acknowledged for its varied functionality, but it also has a neat look with a fresh and professional design.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 6. Electron


Electron is the perfect theme for electronics or tech-related online shops.

You can customize both colors and fonts and, just like with most previous templates, this one also includes a zoom tool.

It has over 38 modules, though special mention goes to the product comparison and wish list options.

The cherry on top for this template is that it automatically compresses the HTML code, which helps speed up your website.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 7. Auros Minimal


If you sell decorations or household products, this template could be the one for you.

Its minimalist and professional design is highly rated among users, as is its usability.

You can choose from 13 different homepage variations and over 50 PrestaShop modules.

If you own a decorations e‑commerce, we recommend taking a look at the designs available with this template.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 8. The Style


With more than 45 different design options, this template stands out for its versatility to adapt to all kinds of e‑commerce shops.

It features specific coming soon and maintenance pages.

It also offers different options, including a chat module, setting up a blog, product zoom, and many more.

It’s a template focused on usability and a well thought out design.

Users commend the attention to detail and the wide range of customizable elements.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 9. Eveprest


Here’s another multi-use template with over 60 adaptable designs for every type of e‑commerce.

Its great functionality and wide variety of exclusive modules are worth mentioning. What’s more, it allows you to adjust the theme color in the demo.

Plus, it has fresh designs and is updated regularly.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 10. Molotok


Molotok is particularly useful for stores dedicated to DIY tools and products.

Reviews stress its flawless design and the wide range of modules it features, including one that allows you to incorporate a chat box.

It also allows you to delete or change the slider to adjust it to your shop.

Buyers state that it’s easy both to install and to use.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 11. Cosmetics


Unsurprisingly with the name it has, Cosmetics is designed for beauty shops and perfumeries.

This theme is very easy to use and includes a lot of options to personalize it and make it your own.

You can choose the number of columns, the page model, the colors, and the fonts.

What’s more, it features a confirmation pop-up for the “add to cart” button and supports comments from customers.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

✅ 12. Autumn


Yet another versatile template that suits almost any business. This one in particular has a grid design that works especially great on phones.

It also gives you a preview of the product, which helps speed up the purchase process.

Besides, it features the MegaMenu module, among the highest rated on PrestaShop. This should facilitate your site’s navigation, making it equally as smooth on the phone as it is on a computer.

>>> Click here to see all the features of this template.

👉 Which PrestaShop template are you going to get?

While you may not have your mind made up yet about which PrestaShop template is best for your shop, you at least have a starting point now.

Preselect your favorite options and try their demo versions until you find the one that best suits the characteristics of your store (structure, functionality, brand image, etc.).

Having so many options at your disposal, we know you’ll find the right one for your shop. 😉