The best strategies to sell more this Christmas


Christmas is (almost) here! Aside from being a time to enjoy with family and friends, it is a great time to increase the number of sales in your e-commerce shop . It’s possible that a huge percentage of your total sales are generated this month. Everyone is giving presents and every day more and more people are buying online. Are you going to miss this opportunity? Or are you going to use the best selling strategies to sell more this Christmas? If your answer is “ I want to sell more this Christmas ”, you have come to the right place. Today we will show you 6 tricks and strategies that will help you make it happen.

1. Bring the magic of Christmas to your shop


Every physical store reflects the Christmas spirit this time of the year: they decorate their windows, they have their staff wear holiday uniforms, play seasonal music, and so on. Why are you not doing the same with your online store? Put a bit of red and green everywhere. Swap out all of the main images for images with Christmas references. You can even change the texts and the way you communicate with your clients. Everyone loves Christmas. Bring the magic of Christmas to your shop and everyone will love it too.

2. Be the first one

The worst mistake you can make is to start your Christmas campaign right at Christmas. You need to get your audience ready, you need to start getting them into the Christmas spirit and showing them what you are planning to do this Christmas. Use email marketing to give all of your subscribers and past clients a sneak-peek.


Create some Christmas themed product pictures and start sharing them with your social networks or even through remarketing. Do not leave it all for the last day or when you start you will find that others have already been doing it for days (or even weeks).


3. Offer free urgent shipping


When we buy online at Christmas we all fear the same thing: what if the products I have bought do not arrive on time? Imagine what your children’s faces would be like if they didn’t have their presents on Christmas day. We can offer free urgent shipping, or at least a big discount, to eliminate these fears. This way, your clients will have their products in less than 48 hours and they will not have to worry about the standard 3-5 days shipping (which can be 5-7 days sometimes).

4. Sell special products at a discount

Study the market and discover what the hot buys are this Christmas. Surely there is a certain toy, a gadget, a book, a movie or a game that is going to be this Christmas’ popular item. What if you offer a special Christmas discount on those products? Clients won’t have to go looking for a cheaper product anywhere because they will know that you are already giving them a special discount.

5. Pay attention to your packaging


This Christmas you should not send your packages the same way you do the rest of the year. Add a little something that makes your clients really enjoy the moment they receive their packages. You do not need to use expensive materials or to spend a lot of money. A Christmas card, a Santa Hat or any other Christmas related product will be enough. Clients will appreciate it as extra value added to your products and that is exactly what will make them come back to buy again.

6. Improve your Customer Service (even more!)

As we have mentioned above in point no. 3, people are afraid of many things when buying presents online. These fears will lead clients to send a lot of emails, to use the online chat, or to make a phone call directly to your shop to ease all of their doubts. You can’t afford any delays or waiting times with any of these customer service channels. Not answering the phone, replying emails after more than 3 hours or not having an activated online chat could make clients run off to another shop. Everyone is in a hurry to to get all of their presents bought. If necessary, hire an extra person to offer the best service possible. This way you will eliminate any buying setbacks and you will improve the eCommerce conversion rate.

Happy selling!

Though today is only December 15th, but we are going to wish you Happy Holidays! Why? Because by using these selling strategies you will increase your sales . Isn’t that a great reason you to be happy? Don’t wait any longer! Start planning your Christmas campaign NOW!