Buyer persona: the only thing you need to define to sell with your online shop


The creation of your buyer persona (also known as a marketing persona) is the first step to start increasing your online sales. You need the client to think “this product is for me” whenever they read the product description. Who is this persona, really? Why won’t our sales increase without it? How can it be created? In today’s post you will find the answers to these questions. We assure you that there will be no secrets between you and the buyer persona.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is the virtual representation of our perfect client. The ideal person who, because of his or her lifestyle, hobbies, or personality, considers our products to be the best option in the market. That is to say, you need to imagine what a typical person who loves your products is like. For example, imagine that we are selling a top-of-the-line product such as a Montblanc fountain pen. Who would be interested in such a product? A man or a woman? How old would they be? What would they do? What kind of family would they have? And so on. Specifically, you must try to find out what the reasons are that provoke this person to make the purchase.

Why is so important to create a marketing persona

The goal of portraying our ideal client is to get to know him better , to develop our empathy towards him. By knowing details about him and about his life,  you can create much more personalized messages. When you know a person well, you are able to guess what the reasons behind certain actions of theirs are. In our case, it will help us understand why he decided to press the “buy” button. Imagine that your ideal client is a member of your family. Surely you will describe one of your products in a different way, using different arguments than when you are explaining it to someone else. By knowing which aspects are the most interesting, you will focus your description based on that advantage. This is just what we want, to be able to write messages focused on your marketing persona, so they are left with no choice but to buy your product.

How to create a buyer persona template

If you want your messages to reach an audience, you have to write for them. You need to develop your marketing persona template in order to facilitate this step. We will do it following two steps:

1. Research

A good way to better define our user is by using statistics. In order to get data about our website, we have to options: Google Analytics and the measuring tools from our social networks . Both options will tell us our clients’ sex, age range, hobbies, and geographical location. Another way to collect statistical data is to launch a survey on your web or newsletter.

2. Details we need to add to the file card

  • Name: the goal of creating a buyer persona is not to have a template with a collection of data. The goal is to get an idea of what the person feels or think. This is why you have to name him. By giving him a name you be forced to imagine the person behind the data.
  • Picture: we need a picture because of the same reason that we explained before. The template will help us increase our empathy.
  • Age: among other things, knowing the age helps us imagine other interests, the social networks that the person is using, and motivations to buy.
  • Family: a person’s needs can be determined by his family situation. Maybe your buyer persona is wondering about how to spend more time with his children. Have you got a product to help him?
  • Profession: imagining where he works helps us guess his other daily worries.
  • Challenges and goals: what is the challenge that your buyer persona must deal with every day? What are his midterm objectives? If you can find out what he wants, it will be easy to show him a specific offer.
  • The way they value your products: how do clients describe your products? What do they pay attention to? Review the blog comments, the after purchase opinions, and social networks.
  • Elevator pitch: it is a short speech with which you should be able to convince your buyer persona that your product is the best option for him.

Get to know your audience and sell more from now on

So, take a pen and a piece of paper, or open a new Word document, and start creating your buyer persona right now. And if you dare, share your ideal client description in a comment below so we can revise it!