Channable: Doofinder’s new technological partner

Doofinder now has a new technological partner: Channable, the leading product feed management tool in the Netherlands. Get to know how a feed manager can help you.

Why is feed management important for your business?

More and more consumers are starting to buy online in order to save time and sometimes even money. Even those who were a little reluctant to do so, are starting to be convinced of the great benefits that online shopping can offer them. That is why an increasing number of merchants are encouraged to build an online store to offer their products online and reach more customers. You might recognise this predicament as your own experience.
Once your online store is up and running,  you’ll need to make the decision if you want to increase the visibility of your products through external sites or sell them only through your website. Positioning your products on other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping etc. will help you gain visibility and recognition. However, for some merchants this jump can seem intimidating. For reasons such as a lack of experience selling on the internet or you have so many products that handling them feels overwhelming or even the fact that you want to be able to use multiple  export channels that you believe that you can not manage everything.
Whatever your situation is, there is a solution: a feed manager. The good news is that you do not need to be a tech expert or have an IT team to help you benefit from it. Even if your level is basic and you only use a computer to surf the internet, you can end up become skilled in the management of feeds. If this is still an unknown term for you, keep reading.

What is a feed in Marketing?

A feed is a file where all the information of your products or services is found: title, price, stock, etc. Your product catalog can be in different formats such as XML, CSV, Text and more.

How can I use a feed management tool?

Using a feed management tool is easy. You don’t need a computer developer to do it. You can easily edit, filter, and control your product information. You can for example exclude products that have no image or that are out of stock, add additional information i.e. in the title such as size or color, complete missing information by extracting it from existing fields and much more.
You simply need to import your product information into the feed manager and choose the channel where you want to start selling your products. It can be a marketplace, comparison website or affiliate network. 
Whichever channel you choose, the feed management tool will tell you what information is required to ensure you send the most useful and complete information. In addition, you will have full control of your product information, making sure not to sell products that are out of stock. That way you will avoid unnecessary clicks and dissatisfaction from potential customers.

How to choose the most appropriate feed manager?

It is important that the feed manager you choose has the export channels you want to use. In addition, they sometimes include complementary functions that can be very useful for you such as order synchronization with marketplaces to manage order information and order status directly from your backend; Analytics integration: to help plan your strategy based on the performance of the products in each of the platforms; SEA tool that simplifies designing dynamic text ads for Google Ads and Bing Ads.
When choosing a feed management tool, price is another factor to consider. Choosing a tool that offers you flexibility with the payment is incredibly convenient. Monthly subscriptions without commitment or consequence offer you the possibility to modify your subscription whenever you want, meaning you can adapt the plan to the changing needs of your business. Make sure that the feed management tool offers, preferably free, technical support to avoid nasty surprises when you’re setting up. Especially when you start, you will probably need help until you get accustomed to the tool and its features and terminology.
Amongst the different feed management tools on the market, Channable provides exceptional value. It is a completely digital and cloud based feed marketing tool with Dutch origin. It has more than 1000 export channels and more than 2000 active clients from more than 30 countries.

How can Channable help you create feeds for Doofinder?

Channable is a product feed management tool that not only helps you creating the perfect product or service catalog for marketplaces, comparison websites or affiliates, but it can also help you create the ideal feed for search tools like Doofinder. This way you can make sure that only the products that really fit with what the user is searching for on your web page are displayed. Showing only the right products helps to speed up the search process, significantly increasing the possibilities of a sale.
Channable has recently included Doofinder as a new export channel. With Channable you can easily fill the specifications that Doofinder needs, being able to prepare the perfect feed in minutes. The information you need to have available is the product ID, description, name and link of the product page. It is also recommended to use the image URL, the price and category of the product.
Thanks to Channable’s intelligent rules, you can filter products that you do not have interest in selling, either because they are temporarily out of stock or because their profit margins are too low.
Using a product feed management tool can significantly reduce the time and money spent on managing your product data. Do not waste your time and make sure that your products and services reach as many people as possible!