Configurate the fields that Doofinder uses to display your products

Controlling the criteria below the search box on your online store to deliver results when a user makes a query is vital to your sales strategy working.

In Doofinder we know that and that’s why you can now enjoy the ability to configurate and choose what fields your searcher has to take into account when displaying your products and their importance , relative to other categories. Do you want to know how you can do it? Keep reading.

Now through your Doofinder Control Panel you can choose which fields you want the search engine to use when someone searches and the weight of these areas in relation to the others.

In your doofinder admin, on the left menu, click Settings, inside Setup section, where you will find the Search Fields option.

The first thing you need to know before making any change is that they will affect the way in which the search engine will respond to the queries made by users on your website , altering the way your products are displayed, so you must choose carefully the fields and the weight of each.

Deciding which fields to add is very simple and you just have to click the Field drop down menu to choose the field you want to add and give a weight in relation to other fields, with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest weight value.

In addition to the most frequent categories (brand, color, material or price), there are other fields such as:

  • df_all: when selecting this field, in the search we include the content that is contained within all the fields of the data feed, enabling the the rest of the fields not specifically selected to be searched as well. This field is not optimised in any special way, so the search in this field may be less precise and therefore you must assign a low weighting. Besides, this field allows getting perfect match searches when the search terms are included in different fields.
  • gtin.light.explode and mpn.light.explode : this field allows the search engine to use parts of the reference number of a product to perform searches. Depending on the source of your data feed, you have to use one or the other.
  • title.autocomplete : a s the name implies, this field is specially designed to make searches based on parts of the title.
  • df.indexed.text : t his field is related to boosting options that Doofinder offers. When you include a new product in this tab, you can decide to go with a text that makes this more relevant to certain search terms. If the Search Fields option, this field is not activated , t he text included in the boosting not be taken into account.

Each time you create a new field, remember to click the Save button to make sure the changes are saved.

If the behaviour is not the expected one, you always can click in Reset button to restore the Search Fields.

If you have any questions or need help to make these changes, contact our support team

Last update, September 2021