Create your own search results with doofinder

Custom Results

Doofinder offers you the possibility to predetermine results for any search terms you wish, this way the search engine turns into a very powerful sales tool, which will allow us to offer our customers the most interesting products.

Where to find it?

In the Search Tweaks tab, in the control panel.

How does it work?

We can click on “Add New” to create our first search set and we activate the  “Enable the set of custom results“ checkbox.


The first thing we have to introduce is a name for our set (any name we want) , which won’t affect it in any way. First off, we define for what terms we want the defined results to be displayed and if we also want it to be for the exact term or simply be inside the search terms that have been used.

Coming up next, by using the search bar, we will search the products we want to add. As we select these products, they will start being added to the tab on the right. In this tab we will also be able to modify the position of the products, by a simple “drag&drop“.

There is a possibility you would want to add to the same set products that you search with different search terms to group them. When displaying results, we have two options, only displaying the selected results or displaying first those results and after that the natural search results. 

To finish, we will click “save” and … ¡Congrats!, you have created your first results set.


From Doofinder we recommend using this tool to improve and maximize the results in the search terms picked up from your statistics, in the column “Top Searches”.