De Natural, the keys to its success

Care and personal advisory service for the client, the quality of their 100 % ecological products and the effort to keep improving every day are just some of the characteristics that define, a Valencian company that is coming in strong.

Do you want to know more about how they came up with the idea? Do you want to know what led them to make a e-commerce by Trilogy? Do you want to know what the future holds? Leonidas Olmos , one of its creators, gives us the keys to its success.

1.- How did the idea of creating De Natural come?

DeNatural starts 5 years ago , we wanted to start our own project and that was when we decided to open a natural products store , wanting to contribute with a grain of sand to the welfare of people. Part of the idea was to create the online trade , thus achieving higher growth and reaching for our business.

2.- What reasons led you to create an online business ?

Having a physical store limits you to a small part of the population. Electronic commerce opens you up to a world of sales and reaching of much larger population . We do not want to be just a small business. Our goal is to be a great project and therefore we decided to create the online trade.

3.- What sets you apart from other businesses in your sector?

The main difference is that we come from more than 100 years family dedication in the pharmacy sector and this leads us to greater experience than other competitors . Another difference is that we are focused on customer satisfaction , we are not a company that seeks to attract customers with low prices, we look for quality customers who value our work.

4.- You are Doofinder customers , what led you to take the step to go for our tool?

We needed a tool able to offer our customers quality in their searches and give us statistics to improve the user experience and improve our decision making as to what products we spend more time on, among other important points that the Doofinder analytics provide.

5.- What do you think are the advantages Doofinder provides to your business?

As I have already mentioned in the previous question , it generates statistics that are important when making decisions.

6.- Finally, what does De Natural expect in the nearest future? is facing a range of projects related to our sector , we are currently seeking investors to provide us with economic capability to start them up . The estimated growth for 2016 is very promising.

We hope you enjoyed the interview and that it has helped to see that with hard work it is possible to start the business that you wish , will your online store be a new case of success ?