Disfrazzes, the story of its success

Since he was born with a store that had no more than 100 products, Disfrazzes has not stopped growing. Providing high quality, original and fun products, this company from Alicante has managed to more than a niche in the world of costumes and party preparations.

Its philosophy and the way of understanding the customer experience makes Disfrazzes a single company, whose motto is that problems can be addressed with a smile. Do you want to know more about how it all started? Would you like to know the keys to it success? Keep reading.

1.- Where did the idea to create Disfrazzes come from? 

Disfrazzes was born in the village of toys, Ibi. We are a couple, Encarni and Juanvi, who have always loved to dress up and parties in general, and we worked in the industry, but decided to launch on our own and create what is now Disfrazzes, a fun and current store adapted to the new demands of the sector. Therefore, we set up the physical store and soon we saw the potential of eCommerce in Spain.

2.- What reasons led you to set up your online commerce?

First we started with the physical store in Ibi, once we set up, we realised the importance of online commerce and the high growth that had taken place in recent years, so in 2008 we jumped on the bandwagon and created Disfrazzes.com, disfracesparahalloween.es and disfracesdenavidad.es.

3.- What sets you apart from other businesses in your sector?

We identify being an original store, whenever we can give free rein to our imagination and create modern costumes, such as, la vieja del visillo, la prima de riesgo, el negro del Whatsapp, Rappel o Chicote, among others. By having our own workshop we can create anything we want, not every costume shop has their own workshop.

We are very committed to our customers and we always try to offer our very best. We also try to convey our philosophy, we dress up while we work, we collect our customer’s orders by scooter in the warehouse and have a great time, for us it is distinguishing, we are a company costume, we must create an example, professionalism does not have to be at odds with the good vibes.

4.- Now we are coming up to Halloween, what elements do you believe that can not be missing in a store like yours, in order to get more customers and retain them?

It is very important to offer a variety of products, both costumes, make-up, accessories and decoration. And of course, a variety of prices, some people can spend just little and others who want to stand out at a party such as Halloween with a high quality, handmade costume. We have to adapt to different customer profiles.

Also discounts and deals during a campaign like Halloween are very attractive, so we like to reward our loyal customers and clients with specific discounts to encourage buying.

5.- You are Doofinder customers, what led you to take the step to start using our tool?

The main reason was the large number of products we stock, we have more than 15,000 different references and it can sometimes be difficult to find the product you are looking for on our website, if you do not know our website very well or you do not have much time to look. Here, Doofinder comes into play, the search engine searches are simple, dynamic and fast.

6.- What do you think are the advantages Doofinder brings to your business?

One of the main advantages is that our customers can find any product on the website with a name, photo and price in seconds. What it does is give the customer the information they need faster and more effectively, the filters also help a lot. This can result in a longer stay on the website and more favourable results.

7.- What advice you would give to someone who wants to take on the world of eCommerce?

Our advice is that they should study the demand of the sector very well, have a good product to sell and offer the best website usability and conditions. To succeed they must differentiate themselves from competitors and offer added value, there is so much competition.

8.- Finally, what does the near future hold for Disfrazzes?

Continue innovating and offering fun and current costumes that make our customers have a great time. We are also expanding our horizons and opening new stores. At Disfrazzes we expect to be around for a long time, this is just the beginning 😉

We hope you enjoyed the interview and, of course, we thank our friends Disfrazzes for giving their testimony. They are a clear example of how a well managed dream can always come true.