¡Discover the new “Playground” functionallity of Doofinder!

As part of Doofinder’s constant effort to evolve and improve, we’ve developed the playground section in the control panel.

What’s it for?

The playground allows you to simulate searches and, by doing so, anticipate the behavior of the search engine on your website, see the results that will appear in the layer for the keywords that you try and understand why, taking into account all the configured indexes: product, suggestions, and any other.

By simulating searches in this section, you’ll get all the information about what you’ve searched for:
from the type of match, the relevance of each one of the products for that search, and even if a banner or custom result is shown, if there are synonyms configured for that search term, if the products are being boosted – whether manually by you or automatically by the search engine’s natural learning ability based on product popularity – and the criteria for ordering the results.

As you already know, natural searches return results ordered by score, which is the relevance that the search algorithm gives each product for the term searched for in relation to the indexed content; however, this order can be modified with the custom sorting menu.

By testing searches in the playground beforehand, you’ll be able to decide if you want to use one of the tools that Doofinder makes available to you to offer the search results that you’re most interested in offering; for example, by positioning your most fitting products first and/or offering additional information with a banner.

¡Go to your Doofinder Control Panel and test it now!