Doofinder’s new statistics: get to know your users behaviour

In Doofinder we know that one of the biggest concerns for a e-commerce is to understand how potential customers interact with it . That is why we wanted to create new statistics that facilitate this work in day to day basis and to provide data of interest to know everything about users who visit an e-commerce. Do you want to know what they are and what novelties they bring? In this post we tell you all about Doofinder ’s new statistics. If there is something that is essential for the proper functioning and growth of an online store is to know how a user visiting your site behaves : what products arouse most curiosity, how many clicks are made before choosing the right product, which are those products that are harder to reach… So far, Doofinder provided data related to this behavior as well as the total number of searches performed, the total number of clicks , the top searched terms and the most clicked on . However, today whoever accesses their control panel on our site can see they feature new graphics as well as improvement of the ones they already had before. To tell you about improvements we share the following information: