[2022 eCommerce calendar] The most relevant dates of the year to increase your sales

Do you only focus on having your online shop ready for Christmas or Black Friday?
Shame on you.
You’re losing tons of important sales prospects.
In this post, we’ll go over all the dates that every eCommerce needs to have on their calendar of promotions.
So, get ready to take notes because we’ll be sharing advice on how to make use of dates that might even not belong to your sector. 😉
Let’s get down to it.

[eCommerce commercial calendar] What it is and why you need it

First things first, here’s a definition:

A commercial calendar is a marketing tool that includes the most relevant dates of the year so that you can plan commercial actions aimed at increasing your sales.

By knowing which days are special to your customers, you can:

  • Manage your stock ahead of time
  • Organize additional marketing campaigns
  • Negotiate a potential increase in deliveries with your shipping company
  • And much more

In other words, you can make the most of these dates to increase your sales.

The most important dates for eCommerce in 2022

Bear in mind that the dates we’ve listed are common in all countries, but you should also include:

  • Dates specific to your country, sector, or area: National holidays or specific days off in your sector (for example, catwalks or other events for the fashion sector).
  • Important milestones for your own business: You should include, for example, the anniversary of its opening or the release of the new website.

You may find it useful to utilize a digital tool to create your calendar.
Google Calendar is a good option.
It allows you to mark all the relevant dates throughout the year in addition to creating an alert (usually beforehand so you have time to get ready).
Let’s take a look at the dates you shouldn’t forget.

✅ 1. January

The year kicks off with some important dates.

  • January 1st – New Year: Send a New Year’s wish by email or on social media (but automate it ahead of time because it’s not a working day). 😉
  • January 19th – World Snow Day: Do you own a sports eCommerce? Find your ski items an outlet.
  • January 20th – Blue Monday: The third Monday of January is considered to be the saddest day of the year. Cheer your customers up with a juicy offer.
  • January 26th – The Grammy Awards: If you belong to the fashion sector, advertise similar clothes to those worn by celebrities or talk about the gala on social media to get more followers. If music is your sector, keep an eye on the winners so as to launch offers with their albums. 😉

Any of these dates can make up for the post-Christmas sales drop.

✅ 2. February

A short month, but one filled with important dates.

  • February 9th – The Oscars Awards: Similar to the Grammy Awards, you could launch offers for specific films, soundtrack albums, or books related to films.
  • February 13th – Singles Awareness Day: A booming celebration to counteract Valentine’s Day. You can sell it with the idea of “treating oneself”.
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day: The day of gifts and restaurant bookings. Offer discounts on items for couples and, of course, use lots of red.
  • February 17th – International Cat Day: The Kings of the Internet – and of your sales if you own an online store devoted to pets or cat products.
  • February 24th to 27th – Mobile World Congress: The most important annual congress on the latest generation of cellphones. Take advantage of it if you belong to the phone or technology sector.

Before moving on to March, let us remind you that Valentine’s Day is a profitable date for pretty much every sector.

✅ 3. March

The end of the first quarter brings about a number of special dates to launch commercial actions.

  • March 8th – Women’s International Day: This is a date that’s growing in importance. You can launch women-specific commercial actions.
  • March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day: The day everyone becomes Irish. If you sell beer, it’s an inevitable sales day. If you don’t, use green to promote your products.
  • March 20th – International Day of Happiness: You can ask your community what makes them happy and launch offers that revolve around their answers.

Bear in mind that selling is not always the goal. You can also carry out commercial actions to foster customer loyalty.

✅ 4. April

When spring gets started, there are a number of days to activate specific commercial actions.

  • April 7th – World Health Day: A day a lot of sectors can relate to. For example, sports, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, stress relief, etc. If you own a pharmacy or drugstore, don’t hesitate to read our post on marketing for pharmacies.
  • April 15th – Children’s Day: If you don’t sell products for children, an interesting communicative idea is to relate this day to “honoring your inner child”.
  • April 23rd – World Book Day: Make the most of this trend to offer special packs with trendy authors or even the classics that everyone wants to have on their bookshelf at home.

Even if you don’t work in the editorial sector, World Book Day can easily be related to many other things such as e-readers, reading armchairs, reading lamps, drinking a fine wine while you’re reading, etc.
Use your imagination.

✅ 5. May

One of the most “cybernetic” months in terms of special dates.

  • May 17th – Internet Day: You sell online so, needless to say, this is your day and your customers’ day.
  • May 25th – Geek Pride Day: Is your store full of superheroes, aliens, sci-fi and fantasy? If so, this is the day to stand out among the competition and give your sales a huge boost.
  • May 31st – World No Tobacco Day: Really important to any business devoted to health and healthy lifestyles.

You can also associate Geek Pride Day with many other topics. For example, there are people who consider themselves car geeks, food geeks, decoration geeks, and more.
If you explore this idea, you’ll quickly see that it can be related to almost anything.

✅ 6. June

Summer’s here and everyone is excited to go out. If you don’t think so, check out this list of special dates:

  • June 3rd – World Bicycle Day: A great opportunity for sports stores in general and bike stores, in particular.
  • June 5th – World Environment Day: Indispensable if you own a fair-trade eCommerce.
  • June 28th – Gay Pride: A widely celebrated occasion. Think about if you can offer something to this audience and advertise it.

Take advantage of these events to advertise your products.

✅ 7. July

Perhaps one of the least productive months in terms of special dates:

  • July 13th – World Rock Day: Do you sell musical instruments or even music itself? If so, then this is a date you should mark on your commercial calendar.
  • July 20th – Spanish Day of Friendship: Perfect for launching a campaign revolving around the idea of “bring along a friend and both of you will benefit from…”.
  • July 26th – Grandparents Day: The geriatrics industry has a lot of demand, so take advantage of this day to increase your sales. You can also use the “a gift for our elders” message. 

A light month or not, keep those dates in mind and see if you can relate one of your products to the above themes.

✅ 8. August

Sales tend to decrease during the summer (except for in specific sectors), so use these special dates to reactivate your sales.

  • August 1st – World Happiness Day: Make your clients happy with a specific promotion. 😉
  • August 13th – International Lefthanders Day: 1 in every 10 people is left-handed in the world, so you most likely have left-handed customers – don’t ignore them!
  • August 19th – World Photography Day: If you sell sports clothes, come up with warm and comfortable clothes for photographers that work outdoors at night or need to lie on the ground. They’re also usually interested in stationery products.

As you can see, as long as you can somehow relate your products to a special occasion, you can use the date to sell more.

✅ 9. September

Everyone goes back to their routines in September.

  • September 13th – International Chocolate Day: Think about anything that complements chocolate itself, such as confectionery products, or use the idea of treating yourself to something special.
  • September 27th – International Tourism Day: Travel-specific offers are particularly in demand by travelers searching for offers online.

September is also a back-to-school period, which is quite important as well.

✅ 10. October

When the cold is upon us, it’s a great time for online sales since people buy more often from their sofa and the warmth of a blanket. 😉 

  • October 16th – World Food Day: Perfect for selling all types of food-related products, kitchen utensils, cooking classes, etc.
  • October 19th – World Breast Cancer Day: The goal is not to sell, but to generate engagement with your target audience.
  • October 31st – Halloween: Apart from related products, there are shops promoting discounts under the slogan “spooky offers”.

Even if you can’t relate your products to these dates, it’s still important for you to adjust your editorial calendar. Given that these topics are being discussed worldwide, you can use them to gain visibility.

✅ 11. November

If there’s a day for online sales, it’s definitely in November.

  • November 29th – Black Friday: The most highly anticipated sales day of the years – your customers have been waiting for this day of discounts all year long.

Would you like to learn to get the most out of Black Friday and increase sales? Check out this post.

✅ 12. December

This is the final stretch of the year when special dates pile up, so you can use them to boost sales through specific actions.

  • December 2nd – Cyber Monday: Black Friday’s counterpart for online shops dedicated to electronic and technological products.
  • December 17th – Free Shipping Day: Free shipping is one of the greatest benefits in the eyes of customers. If you don’t normally offer free shipping, this is the day to do it.
  • December 24th – Christmas Eve: Santa’s presents are on their way, which makes it a good time to send good wishes to your clients.
  • December 25th – Christmas: It’s not a sales day, but rather one to generate engagement and foster loyalty through messages to your clients that make them feel like you care about them.
  • December 31st – New Year’s Eve: Perfect to take your yearlong inventory and thank your clients for having been there all year long. Loyalty and engagement mode: ON. 😉

Don’t forget it’s also time to reflect on your progress and make resolutions for the upcoming year. Everything you can relate to this idea is bound to sell well.

Have you figured out your eCommerce calendar for next year yet?

Now that you know the most important dates for the commercial calendar, you can start planning your actions.
Surely you’ll see a peak in sales on the dates we’ve mentioned. 😉