[2020 e-commerce calendar] The most relevant dates of the year to increase your sales

Do you only focus on having your online shop ready for Christmas or Black Friday? Shame on you. You’re losing tons of important sales prospects. In this post, we’ll go over all the dates that every e-commerce needs to have on their calendar of promotions. So, get ready to take notes because we’ll be sharing advice on how to make use of dates that might even not belong to your sector. ;) Let’s get down to it.

How to build a value proposition for your e-commerce so that your clients choose (and buy from) you

There are hundreds of online businesses on the Internet and it’s highly probable that many of them are quite similar to yours. So, how can you get your clients to choose you instead of some other e-commerce? By differentiating yourself from your competitors and offering buyers something unique that sets you apart. That’s what a value proposition is about. Pay attention because today we’re going to explain what a value proposition for an e-commerce is and how it can be useful to get more sales. Are you ready to position yourself over your competitors? Let’s get started.