[E-commerce Checkout] What it is and why you should optimize it (in 7 simple steps)

You’ve worked long and hard to get more visitors to your e-commerce shop. You’ve created a nice design and invested in marketing while offering super interesting content. You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do and get a decent volume of traffic each day. But sales just aren’t what you’d expect. What’s wrong? Your customers add items to their carts and begin the buying process but, in the end, they don’t push the “buy” button and the purchases are canceled. After all the effort you made to attract the traffic, you have nothing to show for it because of that one last click!  While it may seem counterintuitive, the checkout is one of the steps where a vast number of sales are lost. That’s why this post is going to tell you: What exactly an e-commerce checkout is (and why you may lose customers at this stage) 7 steps to optimize it and improve your sales Ready? Let’s go!