E-commerce copywriting: convert your text into your strongest selling force


One of the most powerful tools to increase sales in your online shop is copywriting.

Don’t know what it is or what it’s for? Or perhaps you have no idea about how to use it for your e-commerce?

In this post we will not only explain what it is, but we will also show you some secrets you can use to increase your sales conversion rate.

Let’s get selling!

What is online shop copywriting?

Copywriting is using words to get a person to carry out an action. And the action that we are interested in, as you can imagine, is that your client clicks the “buy” button.

Do words actually sell?

Of course they do.

It doesn’t matter what the product is, if you choose the right words you can raise your conversion up to a 30%.

Do you want some data?

In this post you can see how sales increased by 17% after changing the CTA (call to action) and how the rate of opening an email increased by 23% just by changing the subject.

Advice for improving your e-commerce copywriting

And now, let’s put all this theory into a real and practical situation.
Let’s see how we can change a lot of words into a buying machine.

1. Buyer persona

We already mentioned the importance of creating a buyer persona for the eCommerce marketing strategy of your business.

This representation of our ideal client helps us sell because it allows us to better understand what our audience needs. And the more you understand a problem, the better you are at solving it.

So, how can a buyer persona help with copywriting for your online shop?

When you write the product card you have to highlight the article’s benefits that your ideal client will be interested in. We are going to use an electronic watch as an example:

  • Sporty persona: “now you have a watch for everything” (besides being a watch, it is a GPS and has a heart rate monitor).
  • Self-conscious persona: “your friends won’t stop looking at it” (the product that just came out on the market and nobody else has it yet).

A product can have multiple benefits, but the key to increasing your sales is to specifically highlight those benefits in which your buyer persona is interested.

2. The power of storytelling

Do you want to learn about a competitive advantage that will differentiate you from the vast majority?

Write a good text about your product.

Yes, it seems incredible, but the majority of e-commerce shops don’t even describe their products. They just write the price, as if the products will just sell themselves. Or, even worse, they write the same description for all of them and end up creating duplicate content, which sinks the shop’s web positioning.

There are some products, like the digital watches, whose benefits are easier to see and explain in the product card. However, there are other more difficult products.

Okay, so what can we do?

Make up a story in which your product appears and makes the clients picture themselves enjoying the product.

Storytelling has a vast power for generating sales since it creates an emotional link with the person. Don’t forget that a large percentage of our purchases come from emotional decisions, not rational ones.

In fact, according to neuromarketing expert Hans-Georg Häuse, “between 70% and 80% of the decision to buy something is made subconsciously”.

3. The power of the F

Have you ever thought about how your product cards are actually designed? Or what appears before and after them?

If you use heat maps in your shop (you can do it for free with Sumome and Hotjar), you’ll have realized that the “hot zones” are in the shape of an F.

This is due to the fact that people don’t read- we scan. We go from left to right looking for the elements that grab our eyes’ attention the most.

If you optimize your product card by placing the most attractive information in exactly those spots, you’ll have a greater chance of that information being read.

The ideal structure for your product card consists of 2 columns:

  • Left: photo of the product
  • Right: the most relevant product information in bullet point form (just like these two lines).

Best of all, almost nobody else is using this technique yet, so take advantage while you can!

Be transparent and show the full final price (taxes included) with shipping costs. Many people abandon their carts when they are about to make a purchase and then see that the price has increased.

Get the most out of your words

Just by following this advice you’ll see how your sales increase when you apply solid copywriting to your online shop.

Best of all, almost nobody else is using this technique yet, so take advantage while you can!