We thought it would be timely to put together a list of our domestic clients’ online stores where you can find products to help you get through lockdown.

With many local convenience stores now closed, buying online as much as you can is a great way to stock up on necessary items while reducing the risk of infection. And Amazon isn’t all that’s out there! There are thousands of domestic e-commerce businesses that offer great customer service and a wide range of products in their catalogs.

Here at Doofinder, we’ve created an e-commerce directory so that you can find any products you may need during quarantine.

We recommend buying in bulk as much as possible to cut down on unnecessary travel both for you as well as for carriers.

👉 Online Food Stores


These online stores offer basic products: fresh produce, frozen items, canned goods, personal hygiene products, and much more. Why not take advantage of being at home and bake that cake that you never have time to make! All sugary things in moderation, of course. : )

👉 Online Sports Stores


While it’s important not to leave your house during quarantine, that doesn’t mean you have to stop moving your body. Adapt and keep up with your work-out routine. Why not bring your gym home?

👉 Online Toy Stores


How’s your little nursery school at home going? Have fun teaching and playing with your kids. You can find ideas at these online stores!

👉 Consumer Electronics Stores


Don’t isolate yourself!! During this quarantine, technology is keeping us close to the people we know. You can still grab that coffee with your friends or challenge them to a game, only now in a virtual setting! You’ll find everything you need at these stores!

Do you have an e-commerce business selling products to help get through the quarantine that’s not on our list?

Write to us at marketing@doofinder.com so we can include you!

Thanks for collaborating 🙂