Sales promotions: Discover the most popular techniques and the main objectives behind them

Are you the type who can only think of a discount when you hear the word “promotion”? Well, then you may be missing out on a ton of opportunities without even knowing it! ;) As you’ll see, there are many different types of sales promotions that you can use in your e-commerce shop and each of them has a specific goal. And, most importantly… You’ll be able to design a more effective sales strategy once you grasp these differences. Here come a few ideas, so get ready to take good notes!

How to use Google Trends to discover future bestsellers (and optimize the strategy for your e-commerce shop as well)

This post will teach how to predict the future. And, more specifically, your online shop’s future. For example, you can learn: Which products will be in demand in the next few months. Whether the business idea you’re thinking about will be viable.  The topics you should write about in your blog (even if no one’s talking about them yet).