Fewer Clicks, Greater Sale

Today we had the honor of being joined by Cipriano Luque (CL), ClimAhorro Administrator and Francesc Compte Velasco (FCV), Manager of Avellana Digital, who shared their joint experience as a client and partner of Doofinder.

Avellana Digital, is an online project development agency, specialized in eCommerce. He describes having chosen DooFinder as his partner for its “quality complementary service that helps our clients improve the user experience and increase their sales”

Francesc took the opportunity to explain to us in more depth how Avellana Digital works, its preferential target audience and the advantages they obtain by integrating doofinder into their platform:

👉 With what criteria does Avellana Digital choose its clients to offer Doofinder to?

FCV: “An eCommerce client that contains an important catalog and where the fact of quickly showing the user the product they are looking for, or another one that we can suggest to them, plays in their favor”

Q: How do you think Doofinder has had an impact on your clients?

“They have gone from having a very basic search engine to having a very complete solution that helps users to quickly find what they are looking for and, ultimately, to buy them in an agile way.”

Some of these advantages are reflected in practice in ClimAhorro, a client of Avellana Digital, dedicated exclusively online to the air conditioning sector. Offering your air conditioning equipment, thermos, boilers, stoves and everything related to home comfort at discounted prices.

His administrator Cipriano tells us:

👉 How did you discover Doofinder? And how did Avellana Digital influence in deciding for Doofinder?

CL: “We met Doofinder in two ways, first through direct contact with you, since your team made us aware of the tool a long time ago, but since we did not have the necessary knowledge or time, we did not know how to take advantage of the tool. Later, our trusted agency (Avellana Digital) spoke to us about Doofinder and how your solution could be an ideal complement to help our users find products faster and facilitate the entire purchase process. ”

👉 And did you find the solution to your problem?

CL: “Yes, it has helped us a lot, customers quickly find the desired product and therefore the whole process is streamlined. Obviously, it is a tool that must be complemented by a pricing strategy and a good user experience with detailed information, a trusted environment … which means that we can close more sales. ”

“Customers quickly find the desired products and therefore the entire process is streamlined …. which means that we can close more sales”

Doofinder offers information that allows us to know the behavior of our customers: most wanted product. Such information that allows us as a company to offer new products or highlight those that are most wanted as well as adapt our price strategy.

We are delighted to see that our technology works in practice to help solve real business problems online.


👉 What were the specific interests that led Avellana Digital to become a Doofinder Partner?

FCV: Doofinder is a “Complementary quality service that helps our clients improve the user experience and increase their sales … that apart from commissions, reinforces our brand in the market.”

Would you recommend the Doofinder Partner Program to other agencies?

FCV: “Yes, because I would be recommending a quality service that provides benefits to clients and also reports a benefit to the Agency. We all come out winning. ”

Thank you very much for your support and for believing in Doofinder as a partner.

Finally, What are ClimAhorro’s plans or future goals?

“Continue to grow and establish ourselves as a reference online store in the air conditioning sector. As a strategy to achieve this, we want to continue improving the user experience in our online store “… hand in hand with Doofinder who” has exceeded my expectations, helping my online store to increase sales “

We appreciate your collaboration and that the results are being satisfactory, and we look forward to continuing to learn and improve in the work of helping your companies continue to grow.