Full Screen Search Overlay: How to create an advanced search experience

👉 What does Fullscreen Layout mean?

Similar to maximizing your browser over the whole screen (fullscreen), you can adapt your site search function to occupy the whole screen when your customers perform searches.

You can also configure the appearance of the search layer using HTML and CSS

Using the full screen of your website when searching brings a lot of advantages to your store. 🙌

Let’s take a look:

✅ All eyes on search…

A fullscreen search layout allows you to take full advantage of your search at a visual level. That means the customer “goes into search”, the deepest possible way. Ensuring 100% of their focus is on the site’s search and product results. 

This layout is especially popular in the fashion industry to present the products available.


It provides more space for bigger images, animation and the aesthetics of search – it looks more professional and encourages customers to browse and spend more time searching.

And as we know – more searching means more sales and higher conversions!

Check out how the fashion industry absorbs you into their search and makes you browse and buy with pleasure.

User Case:


✅ Additional content in the search

Furthermore to product results, modern eCommerce businesses want, or better said, need to show additional content in search results to give a perfect user experience.

By using the whole screen you create the necessary space to show in an appealing and organised way the relevant content in the search, without displacing the product results and making the search clustered.

Visitors will find the needed information easily about delivery or FAQs or any other content information.


✅ Usability and mobile search

In particular, on mobile devices search needs to be visual and easy to use. Selecting filters and scrolling should be as easy as typing.

With a fullscreen layout you can easily include the “to the top” button and create sorting options – to make the search intuitive and fast.

A wide search bar also gives you the possibility to add voice search or a visual search (search for images) into your search bar.

Here you will find our Whitepaper, all about mobile search and best practice.

✅ Add to cart “option”

Thanks to the fullscreen search, (including mobile devices) the search layout will have sufficient space to include an ‘add to cart’ button, allowing your visitors to add products into the shopping cart without leaving the search.

Here’s an example:

A fullscreen search has a lot of advantages. Here you can check out all of Doofinder’s different design types and the different ways you can build your own search with our technology.

Hope you enjoyed reading!