How to create an effective content strategy for your e-commerce shop (and be less dependent on online ads)

I bet you’ve been posting content for your e-commerce shop’s blog for quite some time now. Despite those efforts, you’re still probably feeling like you don’t see more sales unless you launch an ad campaign. That’s a pretty common problem. And, in most cases, it’s because the content you post is not following a strategy.  Because “having a blog” is not a strategy itself. ;) If you thought it was, this post will help you clear up some concepts and start getting clients thanks to the content you post.

CPM: What it is and how to use it to gain more visibility with your e-commerce shop

CPM advertising is a model that allows you to get your clients acquainted with the new brands in your catalog to help you start selling much faster. If this sounds right down your alley, read on, because we’re going to tell you: What CPM is and what makes it different from other advertising models. Pros and cons of using it in your campaigns. Tips to increase your ads’ profitability. Visibility, here we come. ;)