What is the ideal e-commerce design? Key elements you can’t do without

Imagine that you are walking down the street and you see a display through a shop window. You love it, the prices look good, and they are exactly the products you were looking for. Then, you go inside only to find a mediocre shop, chaotic, without order, without colors, and frankly, just ugly. What kind of feeling does a shop like that give off? Carelessness, not so serious, lack of trust, etc. The chances that you are going to buy something there are dramatically reduced. An inadequate e-commerce or online shop design can give off that same feeling. That same feeling, or even worse, given that you can’t use the gift of gab or give the client one-on-one attention to help make up for the poor design. How can you effectively design an e-commerce shop without committing the most common errors? By at very least including these 5 elements that we are going to share with you today. If you still don’t have one of these in your online shop, you have a problem. And there is no better time to fix it than now.

1. Internal search engine

It might seem like nothing more than a sales pitch to start with Doofinder, with it being an internal search engine, but we really do believe that it is the first thing your e-commerce shop needs to have. How will anybody be able to find the product that they want if they can’t search for it? You have to make it incredibly easy, and an internal search should be clearly visible at the top of the page, perhaps even in a brighter color that stands out like a call to action. If you want to try out Doofinder to see the benefits of a quality internal search engine for yourself, you only have to click this button. A 30-day free trial awaits you.

2. Quick preview

In 2015, one of the key features for improving an e-commerce shop was adding a quick preview. Since more and more traffic comes from mobile phones (now more than 50%), you can’t be forcing mobile users to load one page after another to view different products. Quick previews allow for a user to click on a product in a certain category and see it in a small pop-up, without having to load a new page. Help your clients save time, make sure they see more products, and above all, provide smooth navigation for mobile users

3. Simple and efective call to action

It is very difficult to know how to make a purchase in a shop if the button to purchase or reserve an item is small or doesn’t stand out with distinct colors. It could also be in a difficult place to find if it is not integrated well into the online store design. The purchase button, and in general, all of the calls to action on the page should be large, use colors that contrast with the rest of the page, and be easy to find. There is a simple test you can do to see if your buttons are up to par, which we will explain now. Go to one of your online shop’s product pages and now back up 5 meters from the screen. What is the first thing you see from that distance? What stands out? If it is not a call to action button, you have failed the test, and you know that they must be more attention-getting.

4. Pop ups with promotions

Pop-ups, despite being shunned for many years, have become quite popular again. Use them to highlight new products, discounts, liquidations, or any other part of your store that deserves some special attention. They can be especially useful for capturing subscribers in order to begin an email marketing campaign afterwards. You already know that it is one of the best strategies for fostering loyalty that exists nowadays in the world of e-commerce. That said, be careful with pop-ups when it comes to mobile phones. If you are unable to create a special, responsive design that allows the pop-ups to be closed easily, it’s better to only show them on traffic that comes from tablets and desktops.

5. Graphic design and product framing

Design has gone from being very minimal and flat to being much more graphic-heavy, with real photos in separate frames or cards. The product card design is quite popular in nearly all online shops and appears to be the most useful way of grabbing the attention of visitors who make their way to the home page. This will assure that your home page is well organized, eye-catching, and that just one glance can strike some interest in some of the product cards by playing with some different colors, photos, characters, graphics, icons, etc.

Are any of these elements missing from your online shop?

If your shop is still missing any of them, you are way behind, graphically speaking. That means that you are losing customers every day. Increase your conversion rate, make your customer’s purchasing experience a lot smoother, and don’t overcomplicate the graphic design. Your e-commerce shop does not have to be the most beautiful page out there. It just needs to be one that is easy to use, having the customer in mind more than anything else.