Incorporate banners on your store’s search engine

Have you ever wondered how to sweeten a promotion made on certain products? Do you want to promote certain brands in your e-commerce versus others receiving the full attention of your users?

These are just two examples of what inserting banners in your searches can achieve. To learn how to incorporate these banners and learn more about their usefulness, do not miss this post

The last developments of the new Layer does not only incorporate improvements in the esthetic field and in terms of safety, but it also offers you the possibility of incorporating banners for searches made in your e-commerce .

This new option allows, among other things:

  • Enhancing the promotion of certain products . If you have decided to launch a offer on some items in your store or even on all of your stock (as in the case of special discounts), you can use the banners for them to appear when the user performs a search, allowing him to get to know that promotion and inviting him to benefit from it.
  • Increase the visibility of certain brands . If your business counts with different brands, more or less searched by users, you can try to increase sales of some of them incorporating a banner of what you want to promote.
  • Advertising and sponsorship . You may reach agreements with other companies to perform some type of collaboration and a way to promote it is by using banners.

Do you want to include banners in your web browser? Steps to do it

Entering banners in the search is very simple and quick. Once you have accessed your Doofinder account and selected the search engine on which you want to work you will see a new tab called Banners displayed .

Clicking on it a button that has “Add new” written on it appears.

The next step leads to banner settings where you have to complete the following fields:

  • The name of the banner (Attention! It’s very important you put a name to be able to locate it later).
  • The search terms . In this section introduce the terms for which you want the banner to appear . For example, if you want a banner for an offer of  trainers sport shoes to appear, select their name as a term to link to the banner. You can also decide if you want the banner indexed only when the exact search term is written or when the search is approximate.

  • The link you want to attach to the banner , which page you want to open when the banner is clicked on.
  • The link for the banner image . In this case you can also choose to import it from your computer.

Once introduced the changes, save the changes made and you have already set your banner.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to know more about configuring banners?

Look at our tutorial or contact us via email at or phone at and we will help you integrate them in your e-commerce.