Installation and configuration of Doofinder for Prestashop (version 1.5 and higher)

How to create an account and download the module

1) The first step is to create a Doofinder account:

2) Name your search engine and fill in the url of your site and click on “Continue”.
3) You will arrive on this page which offers you Prestashop module. If not, simply choose the Prestashop platform from the drop down list.

4) Click on the link “Prestashop 1.5 or later”, you will be redirected to the Prestashop marketplace. Download and install the module. 
5) Then choose the language and currency and click on “Continue”.

6) We will now generate the Javascript. When you get to this page, click on “Yes, let’s go!”

7) Confirm the url of the site and click on “Continue”, leave the “Platform” field empty. 
8) Then choose the type of Layer to present the search results (Classic or Fullscreen) and click on “Continue”. 
9) Click on the “Choose search box” button and then click in the search bar on your site. You will see a preview of the layer. Click on “Continue”.
10) You then have the possibility to modify the appearance of the layer:
– Display Options: change the size of the layer
– Position Options: modify the positioning of the layer
– Faces Options: change the size and positioning of the filters
11) Then click on “Save”. 

Installation of Doofinder Advanced Search for Prestashop

1) You have just generated the Javascript. Copy the unique Hash ID from each search engine and enter your Prestashop back office. 
2) Enter the configuration of the Doofinder module 

3) In the “Search Layer” tab, paste the Hash ID and choose the language if you have multilingual sites. Click on Save.

4) Clear your browser’s caches to see the Doofinder search layer appear on your site. 
5) In order to configure the complete integration (Doofinder powers the result paeg on hitting enter), you must first generate an API key from your Doofinder admin:

6) Click on “New API KEY”, name it and check “I will use this API Key with Management API”.

7) Copy this key and paste it in the Doofinder module > Internal Search

Activate the options as indicated and save.