Internal search engine importance for online stores

After creating an online shop it is normal to be a bit obsessed with getting traffic to it. You want visits, more visits, and even more visits by any means possible and when you get them, you do not think at all about where they come from or what they are looking for. What is the result of traffic without planning or organization? Lost users .  Leads that cannot find what they want, people who found one product while looking for another. In other words, users that will leave without buying anything. How could you avoid users getting lost and losing them? By using an internal search engine . To show you the importance of a site search engine, today we will explain the 3 main reasons why it is a key element to your online shop’s success.

1. It improves the user experience

Do you know what percentage of users visit an online store and start surfing the different categories and subcategories? 30 %. Almost nobody likes to click through different categories or to look amongst the hundreds of available products to find theirs. It is a waste of time. Most users visit an online store, find the internal search engine and type in the name of the product they want. They get fast results related to their search and without having to look through the store. You have to take into account that users could visit your shop through a tweet, a Facebook post, a Google search or a link in a blog or newspaper article. Options are varied and without a site search engine you will not be ready to lead them to the product they want. Thanks to this internal search engine you will reduce the number of users that leave and you will increase the number of conversions. The clients will quickly find your products and will be able to decide whether to buy it or not instead of deciding whether to go on looking for the product itself. We can assure you that if after 5 seconds they do not know where to find what they are looking for, they will leave your online shop.

2. It increases cross-selling

Sometimes a user is looking for an specific product but it is sold out or not available. Without an internal search engine there is nothing you can do for them and they will go to another shop. However, what happens when you do have an internal search engine? You can “attack” your client with cross-selling. Cross-selling refers to the selling of related, substitute or supplementary products. For example, a user may be looking for an specific mobile phone model and it might be sold out. The internal search engine will show a message saying “this product is not available right now but here are 4 similar models” and it will make the user go on browsing in your store. It is also helpful when the product is available. If that person looked for the same mobile phone again, the website search would show him the model and other related accessories such as cases or chargers. Without the internal search engine you may sell the phone, but with it you can sell the phone, the case and other accessories as well. Not only will you keep a client who was about to leave, but you will also lead them to buy more things than they were originally looking for . Not bad at all!

3. It facilitates the product search

There are some online shops whose products are difficult to spell. There are some products difficult to be categorised because it is difficult to even know what they are since there is not much known about them. How can we find them without a quality search engine? A standard search engine is not enough, you need one which can predict what the users are looking for . Doofinder recognises spelling mistakes, phonetically written names and synonyms. In addition, it autocompletes the search and it offers dynamic results depending on the user. A search engine that does not find a product because of an incorrect letter is useless. A search engine incapable of detecting these things is not useful because only a small percentage of users properly type the name of the product. You have to take into account that everyone is used to one search engine: Google . If your search engine cannot do what Google does (autocompletion, synonyms, suggestions, and so on), your visitors will not understand it. To finish we have a present for you. Do you want these three advantages for your online shop? Simply click below to try Doofinder 30 day free trial and then you can decide whether it is worth it or not.