The great success of Hannun, furniture and decoration ecommerce

We had a talk with Mauri Badia, founder and CEO of Hannun,  furniture and decoration  ecommerce in Barcelona, about social networks, influencers and the advantages of having Doofinder as an internal search engine.

Interview with Hannun, the shop that is making a revolution in ecommerce

What is the origin of the name Hannun?

I was creating the brand with my younger sister and we were looking for words related to wood and handmade. In the end she found that Hannun, in a North African language (Hausa) means “hand”.

How did you come up with the idea of creating a furniture store and why did you go online?

We saw that there was no alternative to the traditional brands and stores, all of them are doing the same thing. We wanted to create something unique and different. At that time the differential was to go back to the origins, recover the solid wood and the handmade aspect through the implementation of technology in this sector. I think ecommerce is an obligation today, it’s not the future, it’s the present.

What are your main acquisition channels? What role does Social Selling play in a shop like Hannun?

Hannun is a very visual brand, so social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram are our main channels of communication and acquisition. In them we create a community of followers in love with the brand, with whom we interact with every day, making them practically fans of it.

How do you work with influencers? Do you think all online shops should collaborate with them?

Hannun has never paid a single euro for a collaboration with an influencer, we always do it in exchange for a product. In this way, we get influencers who really fall in love with the brand and transmit it in a much more credible way.
I think that all stores should collaborate with them but not all of them can. In other words, only those stores that offer a truly differential product will be able to collaborate with influencers at reasonable prices. You can always pay extra money to compensate for the fact that your product is just another one and also if you want influencers to promote it, but every day we see more and more that the influencers themselves take care of the content that they promote and even they are looking for unique products.

What delivery times do you handle and how do you manage logistics?

Right now we are in delivery times of 15 days approx. We work with artisans carpenters with whom we are connected via technology so that the product is already sent directly from their workshops with our packaging.

“The great advantage of Doofinder is that it does what it says it does”

You have been clients of Doofinder since 2018, why did you choose our tool?

When we look for a new technological tool, above all we look for it to be easy in all senses. Easy for us to manage and easy for the customer. A company that really offers what they say they offer but in a simple and intuitive way. Doofinder has it all.

What are the advantages that Doofinder brings to your business?

The great advantage is that it does what it says it does. It allows you to search for products in a simple and effective way. Below you will find a screenshot of part of the statistics with Searches and Click-Through-Rate.


What have you prepared for the future of

Above all we focus on lowering the delivery time and being 100% eco-friendly.

In just 6 months you have gone from being a team of 6 people to 25, how has the change been? Have you encountered any difficulties? What advice can you give to a growing company? 

The change is complicated, you have to take your time to punch above all, long interviews to get to know the person well, do some tests, etc.. Then you have to train them, the best you know because they are the future of your company. In the end, some are worth it and some are not. What I think Hannun does best is to quickly realize those who are not worthwhile and do without them. Every day that goes by with a person with whom you have doubts is a loss for the company in every way.