Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting – What’s Better For Magento Platform

Web Hosting is just like a home for any internet-based business. Giving your web application a solid foundation and the ability to withstand huge traffic spikes and sidestep downtime, is one of the essential reasons to choose the right hosting provider.
As we all know, web hosting is made up of several different components. The server usually has an operating system installed and various kinds of software & services used for running the web applications.
An excellent hosting solution always takes a substantial server handling burden off your shoulders whereas a bad or even the worst choice can throw a big wrench in the workload. Not only the technical process of a hosting server but factors like additional functionalities & services, exceptional user experience, and the level of superior customer support are also as important.
Most of the Magento store owners start out hosting their Magento store on shared hosting plans, which results in slow performance of the store. Well, there is indeed a definite price difference between shared and other hosting plans, but it isn’t a good idea to make and finalize your decision on cost alone. Picking the wrong Magento hosting will eventually become extremely expensive in the long run.
So, if you want to run your Magento website flawlessly, faster in performance, you have to select none other than cloud hosting. However, what’s essential that every cloud hosting plan is either managed or unmanaged. You may come across the managed or unmanaged dilemma when buying hosting for Magento in the cloud.

What is Unmanaged Hosting?

Most of the cloud hosting providers are unmanaged – which means you get a simple server with only an operating system of your choice installed. It is your job to maintain the server over time, ensure its security and optimization if necessary.
You have to install and configure each and everything from scratch, keeping the industry knowledge and practices in mind.

What is Managed Hosting?

A managed hosting is likely that your hosting provider will handle the majority of server related tasks for you. These tasks usually involve server management, application & domain management, automated backups & restoration, server patches, and constant security updates.
Keep in mind that some specific services provided may vary depending on the managed hosting company you choose.

Managed VS Unmanaged Hosting

Both managed and unmanaged hosting have some of their pros and cons. Right now, it can be challenging to conclude which type of cloud hosting is a better fit for Magento. The best way is to compare each other and discuss their merits and demerits individually.

Unmanaged Cloud Hosting: Pros & Cons

Unmanaged hosting is cheaper in cost. You will have access to your own server with root access and freedom to do anything with it. It means you can have complete control and sole access to your hosting server without any hurdles.
With unmanaged cloud hosting, there is no server management, no support, no patches, no updates, etc. Your hosting provider will only be responsible for maintaining the physical network, replacing failed hardware components, and keeping the lights just blinking.
It won’t even provide support to install or update any software or package. You will have to apply security patches, fix weird errors, and manually install everything other than the OS. It means you have to hire a team of System Administrators or spend some bucks on yourself to read and learn about it.
However, if you really want to get some help from your host, it will charge you an hourly rate to accomplish the job. So, be warned! Unmanaged hosting can become costly, and probably wipe out all the savings you made on buying such cheaper hosting plan.

Managed Cloud Hosting: Pros & Cons

A managed hosting means you don’t have to worry about server maintenance tasks. Most importantly, security, patches, and updates are primarily taken care of by the hosting provider. You can have access to a dedicated and experienced support team, which answers your queries on time and sorts out the issues in a professional way. It means you don’t need to hire a personal team for any server configuration and management.
However, the potential downside is that the plans of managed hosting are a bit expensive. This may be an issue for small business owners with a tight budget. However, when you calculate the number of additional features and benefits of managed hosting, the extra cost can be justified easily.
Also, you don’t get full root access to your server. It means you cannot make any customizations by yourself. Besides, with no root access, your hosting provider can ensure that your server runs smoothly and efficiently.

What’s Better For Magento: Managed OR Unmanaged Hosting

Now, we have considered everything; it is essential to assess the needs of your Magento store to pick the right cloud hosting option. Depending on the size & configuration of your Magento store and the traffic spike it receives, you can opt for either managed or unmanaged hosting.
However, the level of server management and technical support that is provided by managed hosting makes an excellent option for Magento based businesses and store owners. It is particularly useful if you are unable to carry out server related tasks, due to a lack of time, workforce, or technical expertise.
Additionally, a managed cloud hosting provider can save you much time. It means you can focus on your business level things, make efforts on creating quality content on your Magento store for better user experience, building relationships with customers & vendors, etc.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding that the managed hosting is way better than unmanaged hosting, especially for Magento stores. However, you likely won’t be able to choose a managed cloud hosting provider for your Magento store in the next ten minutes.
If that’s the case, we would like to recommend Cloudways — A Managed Magento Ecommerce Hosting Platform. It’s a PaaS platform that offers a managed Magento hosting experience with the 1-Click feature which is fully supported by an optimized stack and multiple cache technologies. Cloudways Platform ensures that the hosted Magento stores perform at their maximum, at all times.
Let us know what you think? Share your story with us in the comments box if you had a good or bad experience with a particular hosting provider!