We’ve revamped our corporate image and launched a new website

After several years of exponential growth, we decided it was time to completely revamp our corporate identity in order to align our communication strategy with the company’s reality today. The Doofinder of today is a global company that is present in more than 50 countries, boasting cutting-edge technology and extraordinarily loyal customers. 

A brand redesign process that started from “within”

The process of redesigning the brand began from within the company through various sessions and group activities. 

With the contributions of the entire team, we drafted a new corporate mission statement and guiding principles that have been documented in our Culture Deck.

The new logo 

The work of brand redesign has led Doofinder to significantly change its logo and color scheme. 

Indigo, Blue, and Yellow are colors that represent Passion, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Responsibility, Warmth, Friendship, and Happiness, concepts with which we feel fully identified. 

It was necessary to bring together the graphic and brand elements to be able to issue communications in a more standard way across all markets. For this reason, the work was comprehensive in scope, featuring the complete redesign of the office, a new website, and a new control panel for Doofinder’s customers. 

Dashboard restyling and new features 

We have also taken the opportunity to improve the statistics dashboard, now available in real time with new data that may be very useful in making decisions and improving your online business. 

As you can see, even if it’s changed on the outside, Doofinder still has the same goals: to help your e-commerce site sell more.

Visit our new website