Online car dealership: the keys to success

As promised last week, today we bring you a new post with the keys to launch a profitable online car dealer without dying in the attempt. Although these practices will boost sales in any e-commerce, it is necessary to take into consideration the sector in which we are and it’s own difficulties, therefore you should not lose detail of the tips we give you below.

1.- Take time to choose your platform

It is essential, as it will define the options and limitations of your e-commerce . Go over what each platform available on the market offers and choose the one best suited to your business plan. You must keep in mind that your platform, being an online car dealer, must allow at least:

  • Maintaining a large catalog with the possibility to continue growing product wise. You must discard those platforms that do not allow increasing the volume of goods available.
  • If your e-commerce will allow sales outside your borders, it is imperative that your site is available in different languages to facilitate selling to foreign customers.
  • It is imperative that the chosen platform supports various forms of payment , because as we will discuss at another point, this is key to monetize your online store.
  • Given the cost of goods for sale, it is necessary to have a highly secure platform that prevents from hacker attacks and possible intrusions into customer data.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to design your e-commerce from scratch, these tips will also be useful for creating it.

2. – Create an efficient payment gateway

One of the main problems when trying to sell cars online is certainly the large outlay involved for the consumer, which makes him be reluctant to make the transaction in this environment. One way to end this mistrust is to provide a reasonable number of payment methods that make the customer feel comfortable and know that, at all times, his money is safe, including:

  • Credit card.
  • Wire transfer.
  • COD (Cash On Delivery).
  • Payment platforms like Paypal or Bitcoins.

But this does not mean you should facilitate every possible way, because it can turn against you, making the user not know which one to choose, instead must study what are those that can be most useful for your e-commerce. Doofinder ’s recommendation: bank transfer is a must.

3.- Provide a fast and intuitive search

Buying a car means having to make many decisions that can affect at greater or lesser extent the performance and detail of the car. Choosing upholstery, engine type, color, horsepower … can become an ordeal if a quick and simple search is not allowed. Filtering by category, prices, models, etc. all in a single view will facilitate the work for your visitors, allowing them to find exactly what they want to see, which will result in a much more enjoyable shopping process and probably in one more sale. To facilitate this, you can install the Doofinder search engine which will not only offer the possibility of offering a faster buying process but also the power to customize the results displayed, giving you the option to enhance and customize much more your sales. free trial doofinder

4.- Responsive Design

If one of the advantages of creating an e-commerce dedicated to car sales is precisely to e nable the purchases made from anywhere without schedule limits , it is essential to have a page that is perfectly adapted to any device. It would be madness to create an e-commerce that does not allow access, for example, from your smartphone or it generates errors when accessing from a tablet. Prevent this: facilitate entry to your web from any device and guarantee its usability .

5.- Clear Shipping and Returns Policy

Last week we told you that a point in favor of online dealers is precisely that they offer the ability to purchase vehicles manufactured in other countries and to sell a possible stock of cars that have been returned by buyers . For this to happen you must be clear in what the shipping and returns policy will be and, more importantly, it must be communicated to customers effectively. No matter what the way you allow returns or how you manage shipments: you have to be 100% transparent . Do not let your clients get surprises in this aspect or, most certainly, they will show their disappointment in the network and your conversion rate will fall to ground level.

6. Set a good content marketing

You have to be very careful in this aspect: use the information to your advantage. Today you can access many tools through which you can keep contact with your customers and potential buyers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, blog … but misusing these can cause you to lose transactions and ruin your brand’s image. Use these networks to publicize the main innovations of your brand ,show your daily progress, get close to your public and you will earn their trust. Prepare a plan with the strategy to follow in the various social networks , use tools to help you enhance your visibility like keyword or trend search engines, set clear and achievable goals and avoid mistakes.

7. Take care of your customer service

Perhaps this is one of the most important points that we give today. As mentioned above, the purchase of a vehicle is a major outlay for the buyer so he will be much more cautious when making the transaction. Create a section within your e-commerce intended to resolve any questions that may arise , place an email address and telephone number in a prominent position, enable a support chat for solving problems, have presence in major industry forums … ultimately, give the customer any tool that can make his relationship with you more comfortable and his confidence in your brand and services will increase, impacting positively on your sales and will avoid the feared abandoned carts.

If you meet these online store tips, good job!

A satisfied customer is the best advertising you can have for your online store: he will  recommend you to his family, friends, coworkers and your sales will increase thanks to your effort and your desire of caring about the consumer.