Online car dealerships, dream or reality?

More and more voices claim that the future of car sales is in the network , however, there are few who dare to confirm how this conversion will be or whether the “online dealers” will be a profitable business. That’s why from Doofinder we share with you the main reasons why we believe that this transformation is not only inevitable but has also added value to complement the physical car dealerships and also as a different entity. Ready? Go for it!

1. Complete and organized catalogs

One of the main advantages of an e-commerce is that it allows making  available to the public a large volume of products which in a physical store could not be accommodated. This is even more noticeable in the case of car dealership. While it is true that there are some places where brands allow the user to access all your fleet, generally car dealerships are characterized by having a limited number of vehicles, which limits the purchase of the user, forcing him to investigate where to find the desired model, spending time and effort.

2.- End geographical barriers

Don’t you think that many potential customers have had the chance of finding the car of their dreams and realized that it’s only available for sale in Italy, Japan or America? This is something that the online  car dealership could alleviate. If you bet on selling cars through the network, a notable difference from the physical car dealerships would be precisely the capability to make autos manufactured in other countries available to customers which would be very difficult to access another way . Yes, we know this would involve a large expense, but don’t you think the buyer would be willing to make a greater effort if it’s his dream car and delivery is made at his doorstep?

3. Speed up the sales process

It’s common knowledge that as it’s not known at what time you will leave when checking in with the doctor, you can’t calculate how long it will take to be serviced at a car dealership, choose the most attractive car features and configure the best finishing touches. In this aspect, Internet incorporates a key advantage: speed . In a few simple steps, whoever visits the online store will know what products are available, choose the one that best suits them and checkout, without unnecessary waiting and no endless queues, don’t  you think it’s a good idea?

4. No schedules

Another point that certainly puts the eShop ahead of the physical property is the nonexistence of schedules. While a dealer closes its doors around 20:00 pm, including holidays and other non working days, the e-commerce remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , allowing possible buyers to choose exactly when they want to make their purchase, not forcing them to make an unconscious decision.

5. Anywhere, any device

Similarly, it would no longer be necessary moving to make the purchase, a simple click would be enough to carry on with the acquisition of the car . From the office, taking a walk, in a restaurant, via computer or mobile phone, anyone could decide to buy their desired vehicle. Don’t be fooled, not all car purchases are made after hours of searching and researching information, in many cases it is based on impulse and allowing to make the purchase at the time that impulse takes place is something to take advantage on.

6. Give customers a say

Who hasn’t searched in forums the opinion of those who bought the chosen car before making the purchase? How many times they  haven’t closed a transaction due to not finding any reviews about a seller? If during the whole sales process we take into consideration the opinion of previous consumers, this is much more evident in the case of buying and selling cars: the outlay to be made is greater, product life must be the maximum possible for amortize the purchase, the technical elements are a vital component… When the transaction is done through e-commerce, these opinions should be used as an element of the sale itself . The potential customer will not have to leave the domain to find out more about the products or surf through internet, but within the web itself they may see their doubts resolved.

6. Further information

In a physical car dealership, selling highly depends on the ability of the business to respond adequately to questions asked by the customer but what if the client has doubts he can’t remember at the moment of interaction? What if the business is not able to capture the real uncertainty of who is asking? The transaction can’t be completed. An online store allows you to bring added value to the user: information. You can make all data relevant to their buying process available to the target , publish relevant news about the sector, share the day by day with them and their trust in you will increase, and with it, sales.

7. Km 0  Vehicles

If it has worked with the mobile phones, why won’t it be profitable in the world of automobiles? The sale of Km 0 vehicles allows two things: first, giving the consumer  the option to return the product if not satisfied and, second, selling items with a small discoun t, expanding the market. If these reasons have convinced you and you believe the online dealer business is not only possible but inevitable, don’t lose sight of our blog, soon we will tell you what items you should keep in mind to create a profitable vehicle e-commerce.