Online Successful E-commerce: Mr Wonderful

Do phrases such as “today is a good day to smile”, or “ you light up my world” ring a bell? That’s right, they are 2 examples of the popular messages included in Mr. Wonderful products. This Spanish brand was born so its founders (Javi and Angi) could make some extra money, and nowadays it has become a company with almost 60 employees and about 600 orders per day. Would you like to know the history of Mr. Wonderful? Or even better, do you want to know the secret to its success? If so, don’t walk away from your computer. Or, as they would say: “wake up and make your dreams come true”. 

What is Mr. Wonderful?

Mr. Wonderful is a Spanish brand that sells positive messages printed on all types of products. The messages are all over notebooks, keychains, mugs, and umbrellas. As Angi explains, their actual product is the emotional message they carry, not the physical medium on which it’s printed. It really doesn’t matter where it has been printed, the most important thing is the positive messages from this brand, which are 100% recognizable wherever you are. The style is so characteristic that they not only have thousands of imitators, but they even have an antagonist: Mr. Wonderfuck. We are talking about a company that was born as a hobby just to get some extra money and that right now is focusing on spreading to other European countries. So, what have these two designers done to create such a giant company?

Mr. Wonderful’s story or how creativity triumphs

As Javi and Angi explain themselves in their blog , this company was born one couch-and-blanket evening in February. The idea was clear: to move design closer to people through messages focused on human relations. The project was based on their own story. When they were preparing the gifts and invitations for their wedding, they noticed they were looking at a market niche with potential. If they could get some special designs, they could make some extra money. With that idea in mind, Angi created a Facebook page with her first designs for special gifts. It didn’t take long for customers to show up and soon she was leaving her job. Her products connected well with people and good proof was that other websites started talking about her designs. The company started to grow and Javi decided to leave his job too. Since those days, they have grown to the point that nowadays:

  • They work with multinational companies such as Fnac and El Corte Inglés.
  • They manage a 60 people team.
  • They sell over a million mugs a year (they have a lot of product lines).
  • They have more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

The 4 secrets of this company’s success

We all like to hear about successful cases, people who have achieved what we also desire. But what we really enjoy is to getting to know how they’ve done it. Well, the key for this brand’s success is based on these 4 points.

1. They discovered out a non-covered need

When they were organizing their wedding, they both noticed that there weren’t a lot of options for wedding gifts. The success of any business resides in noticing what people need .

2. Emotional messages

If there is one that is more important among these 4 points, this is it. The secret of their success was creating messages that connected the audience. Marketing specialist, Andy Stalman , summarizes this idea in just one sentence: “people don’t want to buy products, they want to buy experiences”. Clients look for what the product makes them feel. This is where this brand really kills it. They listened to the audience and they empathized, and that made the company viral .

3. Creativity

Besides being touching messages, it is also a matter of how they convey the messages. All of their messages are written using carefully selected fonts and simple, yet different drawings. This way, an ice-cream can tell you “I look cool today”, and a unicorn would say “nothing is impossible”.

4. A great brand identity

This all culminates into a very clear idea: Javi and Angi knew how to create a very easily recognized brand. Everyone knows immediately when they see a Mr. Wonderful product. We shouldn’t forget that this is a brand with lots of imitators and, even so, they haven’t been able to capture the same essence that these two designers have.

Are you already working on your own successful business?

Knowing other entrepreneurs’ stories helps you realize that there are other people who are becoming successful with their projects. From Doofinder, we send you an encouraging message so you don’t stop fighting for your dreams to come true, why couldn’t you become the next Mr. Wonderful?