Oxatis and Doofinder come together to improve your e-commerce

May has been busy with news in Doofinder and one of the last pieces was the agreement reached with the leading e-commerce solution at European level, Oxatis (who took ownership of Xopie in 2014).

This interface born in France and headquartered in other cities of the union such as Milan, London or Barcelona offers its clients a completely and totally adaptable solution taking into account the necessities of each online store.

Learn what else Oxatis has to offer and how the integration of Doofinder to your interface makes the search engine unbeatable reading this post.

Conceived in 2001 by Marc Heurtaut and Marc Schillaci, Oxatis has emerged as Europe’s leading representative in the creation of e-commerce . This solution stands out due to its easy to use and rapid creation process , so much that 68% of its customers launch their site independently.

“In less than a month I made my first online sale” – PrepaidSatphone

This solution brings to you:

  • A technology based on the SaaS model that provides a secure environment , greater availability for your store free from interruptions and faster web page load time than those offered by the other options in the market.
  • The possibility of having a custom design . You can choose both modifiable templates and designers able to create a completely unique image adapted to all mobile devices and applications for your e-commerce.
  • It is designed to generate optimized sites for a better positioning in search engines like Google. It also has a search results simulation tool, allowing you to maximize your productivity. Oxatis is the only solution for e-commerce that has been chosen as Premier SMB Partner for the  advertising tool Google Adwords.
  • Over a hundred experts in online commerce are put at your disposal so that you have counseling in both the process of creating your store and the maintenance and to help you through any questions or problems that may arise and even to train you to be the best in this field.
  • Allows you to customize both the delivery methods of your products and the payment methods you want to offer on your site. In addition you can perform a centralized management of your orders and have your stock automatically synchronized .
  • Publication of the product catalog from your back office on Amazon and Ebay marketplace and on Facebook .

Now, with the possibility of integrating the Doofinder search engine in your interface you can also:

  • Customize the way you want your search bar to appear, selecting the location and size that best fits in the design of your website.
  • Quick and accurate search thanks to a variety of filters that allow users to find exactly what they want to search.
  • Select how frequently you want your product catalog to update itself to always have it ready for your visitors.
  • Show your products with searches that are tolerant to misspellings through synonyms .
  • Know the behavior of your visitors thanks to the new statistics put at your disposal.

Also won’t have to worry about the indexing of your products in our search engine as Oxatis will do this for you. If you are not yet a customer of Doofinder or Oxatis , you can try both free of charge for 15 days in the case of the France and for 30 in the internal search engine. What are you waiting for?