Packshot: how to make the best pictures of your products

When you want to buy a product, the accompanying photograph is the first thing that you notice and therefore, when you want to sell, it is imperative that you choose the images that represent you best.

If you do not know very well how you deal with the development of good shots, you want to know how you can improve in this area or what items must know to choose a good photographer, do not stop reading !

Since that arose in the twenties of the last century, Advertising Photography has undergone many changes and progress to become what we know now. There is a whole science around advertising images: the placement of objects, color temperature, the distance…

Whatever the area of your online store, if you want to sell a product, it must be attractive at first sight the beholder and therefore it is very important that the photos of your articles highlight their qualities and show their full potential . To achieve this, you must take into account:

1. The composition

It seems obvious, no? You have to think much about how we want to show what we sell . Not the same present it in front that aside, as is different chopped employ an angle against one overhead. The key in choosing the perfect composition is:

  1. Sharpness . In order to make a good snapshot it is essential to have a good support for a crisp, clean image, in which the object and the background perfectly distinguishable . To do so choose a good tripod , including a bubble level and allows to hold the camera below the tripod to point toward the ground.
  2. Background . Our advice is to choose a neutral background , preferably white, as this will prevent consumer attention disperses, focusing on the most important thing is your product. In the world of packshot, most commonly known as infinite use the funds they get abstracting the object photographed everything else around him.

2. The photographic lens

The lens is always important, but if you want to sell, even more so since the result should be as professional as possible. It is therefore necessary to employ a quality lens that gives excellent results.

When we talk about product photography, it is very important to note is that in most cases, the items to be photographed are composed of lines and must be avoided at all costs that these deformed. To achieve this, use a lens whose focal length is not less than 55 mm .

Try to make different shots of the same product at different distances, with zoom, without it and explore photo effects and filters in applications like Picsart.

You could also try using BeFunky’s tool for editing images if you want to explore more effects and filters. 

Do not be afraid to go wrong and, above all, forget that there is the option to delete the pictures because when editing you can realize that an image that you thought you had to discard can be a good snapshot.

3. The light

This is perhaps the most important aspect and that more care has to have regard to the packshot. A good decision can be seen marred by unwanted glare, reflections and other own brands of poor lighting. How can you prevent this from happening? There are many ways to do this, but the most used are:

  • Light diffusers: they are used to manage and modify the way in which light elements such as flash bulbs reaches objects to photograph . Depending on the effect you want to achieve will have to use one or the other. Examples of light diffusers are DIY (soft light diffuser), circular or honeycomb .
  • Softbox: better known as light boxes , these are used to prevent too sharp shadows making direct light in a more uniform lighting and subtle form. There are different models on the market softbox and can even make your own, as you explained in the blog .
  • Umbrella: like light boxes, umbrellas or umbrellas are used to get a blur effect of light , preventing this impinges so directly on objects. the main difference is in the degree of manipulation of light you can get. The softbox allow for more precise employment while umbrellas are used for more general lighting .

For the most reflective objects , there are different forms of lighting as background or side, you can learn to use in this guide product photography with high reflectivity .

Caring these three elements is essential to get a good product catalog

If you are the owner of an e-commerce,  you can not afford to not know the operation and the process to be followed to create a good photographic inventory of your items. Now you know why it is imperative that your products are sold at first sight.