Redirections, the new functionality of Doofinder

We know that a good search engine allows your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, with the possibility of including filters and categories without having to worry about writing the terms accurately or correctly.

However, this search is limited to the products you sell, but what about the other options on your site? What happens when a customer is looking for ways to contact you or know your privacy policy? Through the Doofinder search you can redirect users to your web pages where they will find the information or to other sites that are of interest (other pages of your company, blog, related pages, etc.). Learn how in this post.

Improving the navigation through your website and, therefore, the experience of your users is increasingly easy with Doofinder. From now on, through the search bar, your customers will find everything they are looking for, even if the products or information is not inside your website thanks to the Redirections option.

How to create a redirection?

This option is located in the title page of your Doofinder control panel.

By clicking on Add New, a page will appear:

Here, you will need to enter three pieces of information:

  • Title: add the name that best suites the redirection that you are creating.
  • Search term: here you must choose what terms you want to activate the redirection. In addition, you can select if you want it to be active for that exact term or variations (Exact Match/ Broad Match).
  • Misdirection: enter the URL destination.

Thus, when a user types the term you have selected in the taskbar and presses the enter key, you eill inmediatly redirect them to the selected URL.

Watch put! You must ensure tht the option Enable this redirection is selected, otherwise it will not work.

Do you have any questions about the operation or configuration of redirections?

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