What is WhatsApp Business? How an e-commerce shop can use WhatsApp to increase its sales (and foster client loyalty)

Here’s some raw data to start with. Back in February this year, WhatsApp announced they had reached 2 billion users. And at least 30 million of those 2 billion are Spanish (article in Spanish), which means the vast majority of the Spanish already population has this app on their phone. This raises the question: have you already figured out a strategy to capture clients through WhatsApp?

What is lead scoring? The technique that helps turn your leads into real customers

They say that a sale is all about delivering “the right message at the right time to the right person”. I bet you’ve heard it before. And I also bet that you, yourself know it’s true – especially if your database of potential customers isn’t segmented. You know exactly what happens. You send a seemingly irresistible discount voucher or offer, but your conversion rate remains low. You only manage to get four or five orders, at best. If this happens on a regular basis, you need to start classifying the leads in your database through lead scoring: a system that allows you to plan more effective marketing actions and to increase sales with the same number of potential customers.