Increase your ecommerce conversion with site search

Last week we had the opportunity to participate in SEMrush’s webinar on how to increase ecommerce conversion thanks to internal searches. Here is a summary of the presentation from Llorenç Palomas, CMO of Doofinder, in case you could not attend. We want to take this opportunity to thank SEMrush for their invitation, it is a pleasure to collaborate with you! 😀

What is WhatsApp Business? How an e-commerce shop can use WhatsApp to increase its sales (and foster client loyalty)

Here’s some raw data to start with. Back in February this year, WhatsApp announced they had reached 2 billion users. And at least 30 million of those 2 billion are Spanish (article in Spanish), which means the vast majority of the Spanish already population has this app on their phone. This raises the question: have you already figured out a strategy to capture clients through WhatsApp?