How to offer Suggestions in your search bar

Search Suggestions vs. Search Results

The search suggestion is a list that appears as soon as the user starts typing in the search box to improve the search experience, allowing users to find what they are looking for more quickly. This suggestion list differs from the search history because it is intended to be predictive.

So, technically, a Search Suggestion is different from a Search Result. To give a concrete example, we can verify this on Google:


Based on the latest relevant top searches, Google offers autocomplete suggestions. Simply said, it shows what will most likely interest you, based on your search and the latest similar top searches performed globally. 
Then on the Search Results Page you will see search results based on these suggestions as well as different results. 
So, Search Suggestions need to guide you in the first place, to make the search process as easy, comfortable and relevant as possible.

Doofinder Suggestions 

Similar to the Google-logic, Doofinder offers a new Suggest Technology – to refine the search results on your online store:


As well as product results, Doofinder now brings highly relevant and customisable Suggestions to your search. You can blacklist terms or upload a file. For example, Top Sellers or high margin products to create your own suggestions.
Suggestive autocomplete helps your clients during the search process and boosts conversion.

How to use and activate Suggestions

Suggestions are based on indexed data feeds and are processed once a week. The index of suggestions is based on article title, brand and category. Brands and categories are always displayed as suggestions, but for the title, Doofinder will generate word combinations that will become suggestions.

It is very simple to activate this powerful tool. Once the add-on is subscribed, you can access the suggestions’ menu in your admin control panel, enable this feature, configure its options and click on the Process Now button.


This extra feature requires V7 or higher layer version. If you’re using an older one, you need to update it.

If you want to learn more about Suggestions and how to set them up, visit our Support section for more information: Suggestions.

Last updated: Dec 2021