Doofinder Academy: How to offer Suggestions in your search bar

Search Suggestions vs. Search Results

Technically, a Search Suggestion is different from a Search Result. To give a concrete example, we can verify this on Google:
Based on the latest relevant top searches, Google offers autocomplete suggestions. Simply said, it shows what will most likely interest you, based on your search and the latest similar top searches performed globally. 
Then on the Search Results Page you will see search results based on these suggestions as well as different results. 
So, Search Suggestions need to guide you in the first place, to make the search process as easy, comfortable and relevant as possible.

Doofinder Suggestions are now available!

Similar to the Google-logic, Doofinder offers a new Suggest Technology – to refine the search results on your online store:
As well as product results, Doofinder now brings highly relevant and customisable Suggestions to your search. You can blacklist terms or upload a file. For example, Top Sellers or high margin products to create your own suggestions.
Suggestive autocomplete helps your clients during the search process and boosts conversion.

How to use and activate Suggestions

First step:

(Front-end UI/UX Enhancement)


Second step: Create Index.

Enable Suggestions:
Don’t forget to tick to enable Suggestions and choose a schedule creating the necessary index (Last 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 days):
Please check that your all “df_suggestions” feeds’ index were processed successfully.

Last Step:

When you use the Javascript Version 7 in combination with the Classic, Compact or Fullscreen Layer Suggestions will appear out of the box!
If not, please update to V7 or adapt your layout here.
If you have any questions or you want a sales representative to contact you in your language, please don’t hesitate to contact us at