What are backlinks? What’s so special about them and how can they help improve your website’s SEO?

As you know if you want to get clients for your online store, you need to work hard on your SEO. But SEO work can seem like a never-ending chore.  You’ve searched for all the keywords, optimized your content and product cards – and now, on top of all that, you’ve read that you also need backlinks. However, it’s not easy to wrap your head around this whole new concept since all the pages you read are full of strange jargon: link building, link juice, domain authority… Is it really necessary to make things so complicated? Well, it is if you want your online store to generate sales. ;) But don’t worry too much about it – if you have any doubts about links, we’ll be sure to give you a hand in this article. Here you’ll learn: What backlinks are. How they help you improve the SEO positioning of your e-commerce. And, most importantly, what you have to do to get them. All this is explained very clearly and in easy-to-understand terminology. You’ll understand everything to perfection sooner than you think! ;)

Local SEO: What it is and 7 keys to implement it in your e-commerce

With all the affection we have for the online world, we sometimes forget that physical customers do, in fact, still exist. To increase online sales in your e-commerce, I bet you invest: Time Money and effort in SEO Doing online marketing And you may even update your blog regularly. But what if you also want to keep attracting customers to your physical store? In that case, what you need is to work on the local SEO of your e-commerce. Want to know what this local SEO thing is and how you can implement it on your website? This post will give you all the details. Off we go!