The 11 best Shopify themes

Suppose you have a online store on Shopify and the time has come to choose a template.

You start looking and realize there’s a gazillion themes available. Of course, this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly since your template is key in terms of appearance. However, as they say, “it’s not all about looks”.

The thing is, your choice will also be affected – at least in part – by your site’s navigability, structure, SEO, and user experience.

That’s the way it is.

Right, but how can you choose a template that meets all those requirements? Thought you’d never ask! Don’t worry, we’re about to share:

  • The necessary criteria to choose the perfect template for your shop,
  • The best Shopify themes based on ratings and the factors we just mentioned.

Got your attention, right?

Then let’s get to it! 😉

👉 How to choose the perfect Shopify theme for your e‑commerce

As we said earlier, visual appeal isn’t everything for online stores.

Even if a particular theme catches your eye right away, you should check a few things before you settle for it:

  • Loading speed: If the template’s too “heavy”, your site will take longer to load, which will send users elsewhere even before the loading is complete. That means losing potential clients and worse positioning on Google for your store (as a consequence of bad user experience). To prevent this, we suggest measuring the template’s loading speed with tools such as GTMetrix or Pingdom.
  • SEO-friendliness: Sometimes the theme’s source code isn’t optimized for SEO, and this also means worse positioning in the long run. That’s why you should double check if the theme is SEO-friendly or not.
  • Reviews: Check if the comments are positive and the template’s rating is high. No one will tell you the theme’s pros and cons better than the users who’ve already put it to the test.
  • Updates: When was the last time it was updated? Take a close look at this one because if the theme’s not frequently updated, it may lead to errors with no support team to help.
  • Customizations: Make sure to choose a flexible theme that easily allows you to make whatever changes you want. For example, there are themes with more options for the site’s header, so you can place your logo wherever you want and not just where the template has it by default.

Apart from all this, we advise you to preview the template and explore each one of its available demos (that is, alternative designs for the same theme), as there’s often quite a bit of variation among the different designs.

Since we know how hard it is to choose the right Shopify theme that meets your needs, we thought we would start out by giving you a tip. Instead of looking for days on end for the perfect Shopify theme, why don’t you just detect it. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is find a neat looking Shopify built shop that you would like to have a similar site as them, and then just detect what theme they are using. So instead of looking for a theme, look for a site. Then ask yourself: “What Shopify theme is that?”.

Put the URL in the free tool and get the name of the theme. Now just go on and install it and you are set to go.

Taking the time to check several versions is worth it because the perfect template for you might be one of the alternative demos even if its main theme doesn’t catch your eye at first.

👉 The 11 best Shopify themes for e-commerce

The time has come; let’s go over some of the best Shopify themes.

To make this list, we’ve picked the best-selling themes with the highest ratings that also meet the aforementioned requirements.

Mind you, all of them are paid. Even though free templates aren’t necessarily bad, they’re typically less customizable and have more limited functionality, which can make you switch to a paid template after a while.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the list.

✅ 1. Wokiee


This template is rated as one of the best of 2023, and it’s one of the most frequently recommended.

Almost 14,000 people have bought it and it boasts a score of 4.98 out of 5.

Not bad, right?

While it seems tailored to a clothes shop, this versatile design suits all kinds of businesses due to its high customizability.

Wokiee allows you to try and edit a wide range of designs as you wish.

For instance, it features different models of product cards and catalogs as well as a range of different header designs and endless functionality to make your shop more dynamic (Product Quickview, themed pop-ups, columns with related products, etc.).

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 2. Ella


Another all-in-one template that deserves to be among 2023’s tops. And it’s not just us who say it; it’s one of the top-sellers (almost 19,000 times) and top-rated (4.8 out of 5) themes.

It gives your shop a modern and professional look. Besides, users say that it’s a fast and flexible theme when it comes to customization and that it’s fully responsive for a pixel-perfect design on every device.

Developers underscore its quick loading speed and enhanced navigability thanks to its filters, which allow you to find products faster.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 3. Porto


This well-known theme is optimized to provide a lightning-fast loading speed and top-notch user experience. Besides, users highlight how customizable it is due to the wide range of options to configure your shop however you like.

With 31 demos to choose from and constant updates, we simply couldn’t leave this Shopify theme off the list.

Even though it’s not designed for a specific e‑commerce category, its demos show that it best serves clothes stores.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 4. Electro Gadgets & Electronics Multi languages


On to a template that’s almost exclusively for electronics stores.

This one is extremely useful for international stores selling overseas because, as the template’s developers say, it works well with all of Shopify’s native language apps (that is, those apps that translate the page to the visitor’s native language).

It features both vertical and horizontal navigation menus so you can edit them according to what’s best for your store.

Plus, its latest update optimized to be even lighter – which translates to a faster site for your customers.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 5. Belle


A great theme for fashion shops with a wide variety of designs (18 different options to be exact).

Among the thousands of other features, we’d like to underscore the infinite options to customize product cards, such as:

  • “What you save” tags on discounted items
  • Pre-sale tags
  • Product countdown

In the comments, buyers point out the added value of the highly-responsive tech support team.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 6. Fastor


This multi-themed template has a very positive rating, which may explain why it’s among the best-sellers.

It includes a wide variety of built-in apps, so if you were thinking about adding some extra functionality, you’ll be happy to have so much to choose from – and to save some money, of course, since it’s included by default.

It’s a very complete theme, with lots of add-ons, a good loading speed, a responsive design, and 95 different designs for e‑commerce shops of all sectors.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 7. Kalles


Kalles offers you a clean, minimalist design that goes well with stores specializing in decoration, furniture, or even gardening.

But if your e‑commerce doesn’t fit into this description, don’t cross this theme off your list just yet as it’s highly versatile and is still suitable for almost any shop looking to capture a sleek modern esthetic.

On top of that, the most recent update added a new and improved filter for product catalogs.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 8. Universe


That’s right, here’s another template with an elegant, minimalist design.

Universe doesn’t sport much in terms of variety with its 3 different styles to choose from, but its real strength lies in the design and functionality, so it’s hardly a problem. What’s more, the design can be easily edited and adjusted to your needs.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 9. Basel


Basel stands out for being a template that’s easily adaptable to all kinds of e‑commerce shops thanks to its wide variety of versions and themed demos, including (among many others):

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Decoration
  • Electronics

Those using it say it’s a highly flexible template in terms of editing and has a very efficient support team behind it.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 10. lcon


This theme has 4 different demos created especially for those shops that need to highlight and show off their visuals. This makes it highly recommendable for e‑commerce stores with product design playing a prominent role as it’s optimized for large, high‑res images.

To accomplish this, it makes use of sliders that allow you to display several products images on the homepage.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

✅ 11. Prestige


We’re wrapping up this list with another visually-oriented theme.

You can choose from 3 different minimal designs that really bring about a sense of sophistication and elegance.

To give you an idea of the kind of businesses that are using it, examples range from clothes stores (with highly exclusive designs) to shoe shops – and even shops focused primarily on beard-care products.

>>Click here to learn all about this template.

👉 So which Shopify theme are you going for?

After this cascade of Shopify themes, you must have a few options in mind to start comparing.

The next step is to try them out and check out their demo versions.

And don’t stop there – you should also really dig into the trial template and really put yourself in your ideal customer’s skin.

Surf through the product categories, add items to the cart, proceed to the checkout, and simulate the whole purchase process to make sure it’s just what you need.

It’s just a matter of trying until you find the perfect theme for your store. 😉