ShopMami or how to promote and increase sales in an effective way

The relationship between ShopMami and Doofinder is more than 2 years old. As Mother’s Day approaches, ShopMami launches a series of strategies focused on increasing and promoting their products on their online store. Doofinder is the perfect partner to achieve this.

Want to find out how?

What campaigns do we use at ShopMami to increase the sales of Gifts?

  1. Free Shipping: This advantage lasts throughout the year, although during the promotions we stress it with more insistence, letting our clients know that buying a gift will not incur additional costs such as the expenses of shipping. For shops that do not offer free shipping we recommend offering it during promotions for a limited time or for example, on orders above a certain amount.
  2. Gift Packaging: We offer and emphasise our free gift packaging service. It is an additional detail that often makes the difference and works as an incentive to opt for the purchase in our store.
  3. A quick search and communication with the customer: We have been Doofinder customers for years and we recommend it to all those who sell online. Doofinder is the best search engine for your e-commerce. When the catalogue begins to grow it is essential to implement it on your website to help your customers find what they need quickly and effectively. With Doofinder we have increased the conversion rate by 70%!! We also have an active chat to advise our customers directly on topics related to choice of sizes, colours, delivery times, and more recently a lot of customers also contact us through Whatsapp. The simple fact of seeing that there is someone behind the online store that responds to them quickly makes them choose us for their purchases.
  4. Offer a promotional price: For some products we offer a promotional price for this specific date. In our case, maternity jewellery, pregnancy pillows and cosmetics for skin care. Surely you also have promotional items on designated dates! Here at ShopMami we recommend offering a special price on products that work as gifts and to have a promotional campaign for Mother’s Day. Result: Promotion of your campaign with discounts on special products for that day.
  5. Publicise your promotion: At this point, we recommend increasing the advertising for the items you have on sale, as well as an active campaign of mailing potential customers, always well timed and with enough notice before the given date.
  6. Social Networks: This channel helps us with our promotion. In particular in ShopMami we upload more videos to our YouTube channel, as well as more blog posts with our promotions for that day, leading to an increase in traffic.
  7. We congratulate our clients: We take advantage of this special day to congratulate our greatest potential customer, the Mothers! We do this through an email in which, once again, we inform our customers about the special offers we have for that date.

Ever since we created ShopMami we follow the line of originality with different products that combine design and price. We hope these tips will be useful in implementing them on your online store.

What are our featured products on Mother’s Day?

  • Pregnancy Pillows: Many future mothers have problems sleeping in their pre-mum stage and of course, their partner also suffers. There is nothing better than a pregnancy pillow to help the future mummy rest.

  • Breastfeeding Bracelets: They combine the beauty of a jewel with the practicality of remembering what breast has been offered in the last feeding. They are finished in silver and leather, with a youthful design that all mothers love.
  • Angels callers: Possibly one of our star products. According to legend these serve to protect the mother and baby from all bad influences. Besides all this it is a precious jewel that will watch over the woman and her bump during the pregnancy. Made in gold or silver it will dazzle every future mum.

Happy Mother’s Day!