How to choose the Right Site Search Solution for Your Company

As more consumers forsake physical stores in favor of the ease and convenience offered by its online counterparts, marketers, business leaders, and website owners are faced with the challenge of turning searches into sales. Overcoming such an obstacle mainly involves a customer-based website design, an intuitive platform, and last, but not least, an optimized site search engine.

While the first two of these factors are given ample attention, site search is one that is often neglected.

Unfortunately, the consequences of ignoring this particular part of your website include the loss of consumer interest and subpar profit and revenue.

✅ 9 things you need to consider if you are to find the right site search solution for your company

Site search solutions are considered to be the secret ingredient that will prevent the neglect of this feature. Through these platforms, a simple search can lead customers to precisely what they’re looking for, thereby minimizing errors and increasing successful sales rates.

This benefit alone should be enough to entice you to employ a site search solution. However, because there are many options in the market, you might find it hard to pinpoint the one that is perfect for you and your company.

As such, to help you get started on the selection process, here are 9 things you need to consider if you are to find the right site search solution for your company:

1. Implementation

Finding the perfect site search service involves the first step of looking at how much hassle might be involved in its installation and implementation. As a business, you might not be able to dedicate an entire 24 hours of operations to implement the solution. Doing so might result in losses in revenue and customer loyalty.

Thus, if you run a company that cannot afford to accommodate whatever time is required to implement the solution, you will need to look for those that can be installed as quickly as possible. Contact your vendor or check their product site. See if the allotted time for installation is something that you can meet.

2. Customization

Another thing that you need to consider when choosing the right site search solution for your company is the level of customization it offers. One of the factors that can make the difference between a successful sale and a lead loss is web usability. This factor pertains to how easy it is for the customers to find what they’re looking for.

In terms of customization, achieving this requires the best site search tools that will help in modifying how the search results are presented, how the products are categorized, and how the search engine is experienced. Think about what your customers might want to experience when looking for something on your website, and see if the solution offers you the ability to customize to the level you need it to be at.

3. Natural Language Learning

The third factor you need to include in your criteria is the ability of the site search service to provide the results even when the keywords used by the consumers are not exactly the name of the product. This factor will require you to look through the site search solution’s features to see if it can understand and learn synonymous words. Having this ability improves the results yielded by the search engine in response to the customer’s keywords, thereby allowing them to find the right product quickly and improving their experience.

4. Results Page Optimization

Concerning the two previous factors, another feature that you should look for when finding the best of the best in eCommerce site search solutions is its ability to optimize the results page. This factor refers to preventing a negative experience on the site when using the results page links to get to the product page only to get an error message. Before you decide on one site search solution, you need to see how the vendor has taken steps to optimize the results page. Be it in the grouping of results or even in how the predictive results are provided, you’ll know it’s the best site search solution for you if it features a level of optimization that is perfect for your customers.

5. Platform Support

Before you can worry about how the results page looks or how the search engine is customized, you might want to check if the site service solution’s vendor provides support for your website, blog, or app. Not all solutions offer multi-platform support. So, before you include the prices in your monthly budget reports, make sure that the advertised level of service can be deployed to your platform. After all, employing even the best site service solution won’t mean anything if the vendor doesn’t have proper support for your platform.

6. Mobile Design

According to Statista, more than 215 million users in the U.S. alone used their mobile devices to conduct searches either for products or services in 2019. This statistic implies that marketers, entrepreneurs, and website owners have a substantial market that they can profit from with the right mobile design. When you’re looking for the right site service solution for your company, you need to ensure that the vendor offers tools that will help optimize the search engine even when the customers are on mobile. Having the help of this feature will exponentially help in infiltrating mobile-based audiences.

7. Analytics


The number one benefit of having a site search solution is the analytics it can provide to help you improve your business strategies and your website or platform. Depending on the type of analytics that these site search solutions offer, you can reap valuable data and insight from what your customers look for on your page. Real-time analytics is one such data that you might want to have. Contact the vendor to clarify how their solution can give information that you can’t find by yourself and without the help of any service.

8. Vendor Support

Because search engines are essential in how your customers can find the product or service they are looking for on your website, having any technical issues on this part of your website is disadvantageous. As such, looking for the right site service solution entails having vendor support that is easy to access and as for. It may come in the form of omnichannel communications that are available to reach the vendor. It can be through email, which takes more time, phone calls, which are more hassle for both you and the vendor, or live chat, which would be faster and more efficient.

9. Pricing

The final and most crucial factor that you should consider is pricing. Go through your budget reports, and identify where your company might be lacking despite the investments you’ve made in that area. Calculate how much you can allocate for a site service solution. If the pricing of the one you want doesn’t match what you can give, go through the budgeting process again and determine if you can allocate more resources for the sake of being able to turn searches into sales. This way, you can achieve both the improvement of your website experiences and the gain of a cost-effective solution.

Site Search Solutions for Successful Sales

While the process of choosing the right site service solution looks to be exhausting, the benefits of it are undeniable. As such, despite the things you need to consider before settling for one solution, the hassle you experience can be rewarded by just how many searches it can turn into sales. It should be noted that these factors are more applicable to independent websites. If you’re worried about the success of your social media accounts along with your independent websites, then you might want to head on over to this compilation of top social media management tools. The combination of both social media and site search tools will help propel your online presence to unprecedented levels.