[YouTube Ads Tutorial] Find out how to attract potential clients to your shop thanks to YouTube Ads

Let’s start strong. This bit of information should keep you glued to the screen reading this post from top to bottom. In the last 2 years, people have watched content on YouTube related to product reviews for the equivalent of 50,000 YEARS (source). Indeed, 50,000 years. What we mean is that before your potential customers make a purchase, they watch YouTube videos. Another piece of information: More than half of the Latin Americans go to YouTube before they buy (source). As you can see, YouTube is no longer just an option – it’s a must. And that’s why today we are going to explain, in depth, the different ads that can be created on YouTube and how they work. Pay attention because this is an important one.

Facebook Ads for online shops: 8 steps to create successful campaigns

One of the most difficult things to achieve when striving to succeed with e-commerce is getting visitors. You may have created the best online store in history with a perfect design and the best prices, but it is all useless if nobody sees it. There are countless options to make it work: SEO. Adwords. Content marketing. Etc. However, there is a perfect way of generating traffic that many e-commerce sites do not use: Facebook Ads. If you want to get the most out of Facebook Ads and start getting visitors for as cheap as €0.01, keep reading and you will find out how.